Polestar O2 concept globally unveiled as a 2-door electric roadster

Kenneth John Published: March 07, 2022, 11:32 AM IST

Polestar has introduced the Polestar O2, a brand-new roadster concept. The new Polestar O2 is a two-door sportscar with a retractable roof and seating in a 2 plus 2 configuration.

According to reports, the Polestar O2 will be based on the same "bespoke" bonded aluminium unibody basis as the Polestar 5. Despite sharing the same fundamental underpinnings, the Polestar 5 will be a high-performance four-door grand touring vehicle, while the Polestar O2 will be a more compact 2+2 sportscar.

The Polestar O2 concept is 400 mm shorter than the Polestar 5 and has a reduced wheelbase as well. Polestar has eliminated the 'foot garage' from the O2's skateboard chassis floor, which is supposed to increase handling and dynamics while also increasing stiffness.

The Polestar O2, like other Polestar EVs, is created and built using a variety of ecological and recyclable components. It also comes with a set of huge 22-inch wheels, among other characteristics. The O2 also has aerodynamically shaped body panels, according to Polestar, which improves airflow and increase range.

Polestar O2 also demonstrates technological and environmental advancements. On the inside, a new thermoplastic mono-material is used extensively. All soft interior components are made entirely of recycled polyester, including foam, glue, 3D knit fibres and non-woven lamination.

With the Polestar O2's integrated cinematography drone, drivers will be able to capture their top-down excursions. This autonomous camera drone, developed in partnership with Hoco Flow, flies in a zone of negative pressure created by an airfoil deployed behind the back seats. Once the car is parked, the drone may follow along at speeds of up to 56 mph, and the acquired film can be edited and shared from the central entertainment system.

While Polestar is still yet to reveal any powertrain information, the Polestar O2 is expected to get high performing figures keeping in mind it is a roadster.

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