Pictured: Street version of Erik Buell Racing 1190RS with a pillion seat and footpegs

OD Newsdesk Published: July 26, 2013, 06:43 PM IST

A photo released by Erik Buell Racing (EBR) on its official Facebook page has stirred quite a buzz and debate among the fans. The controversial photo is of an EBR 1190RS, but this one has, unlike a typical EBR, a pillion seat and rear foot pegs.

The photo of the two-seater EBR motorcycle released by the marque on its Facebook pageThe photo of the two-seater EBR motorcycle released by the marque on its Facebook page

So why all the fuss? Since his exit from Harley-Davidson, Erik Buell has concentrated on the 1190RS racing motorcycle, which - while street legal - at $40,000 is a stretch for even the most ardent motorcyclist.

The EBR 1190RSThe EBR 1190RS

Recently, Indian two-wheeler company Hero MotoCorp, known for its cost-effective commuter bikes, purchased a little less than 50% stake in EBR with an investment of $25 million in the company. This has led to rumours that EBR could be planning street-ready models as well.

The involvement of Hero MotoCorp also indicated that EBR could be working on trimmed-down, less expensive versions of its track specific bike. This is being seen as a good set-up for EBR to push sales by developing a cache of more affordable and high-performance bikes for the streets.

While announcing the investment from the world's largest motorbike manufacturer Hero MotoCorp, EBR had teased three new models in addition to the $39,999 RS – the RX, SX and AX, which appear as "future models" on their website.

Speculations are rife that the model in the leaked photo could be the new '1190RX'.


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