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Team OD Published: April 12, 2014, 11:20 AM IST

Peugeot recently unveiled the Exalt Concept and the company states that the car "heightens sensations" and "makes an impact at first acquaintance." We can't help but agree, it is a sleek and aggressive design and with the bare hand crafted steel bodywork has a charm that is hard to ignore. The rear of the car is also covered in what the company calls a 'Shark Skin'. Animal rights activist relax because this is not the real thing, the so-called 'Shark Skin' is actually a textile material which Peugeot claims reduces the drag co-efficient owing to its grainy structure.

The Exalt is a hybrid. The electric motor when combined with its 1.6litre, four cylinder engine produces a combined power output of 344PS. The car has a six-speed automatic box which transfers power to all the four wheels of this 1700kg stunner.

We have put up a picture gallery for you to admire this car from all angles.

EXALT_1403KL001The powerful grille emerges from the bodywork and provides the backdrop for the doubly symbolic lion.

EXALT_1403KL002The Exalt has taut and dynamic lines, a high waist line, a raked windscreen, a low roof and a very slender profile.

EXALT_1403KL003The mark left by Exalt on its surroundings is essentially visual.

EXALT_1403KL006The rear of the Exalt is covered in Shark Skin.

EXALT_1403KL005The Shark Skin reduces drag because of its grain structure.

EXALT_1403KL011They are arranged in two groups, two to the left of the small steering wheel, seven to the right.

EXALT_1403KL008The bucket seats made of composite material incorporate seat squabs and backrest in natural wool-based 'chin' mixed fabric with the side areas in aged leather.

EXALT_1403KL013Activation of the black light system can also be assigned to one of the Toggle Switches.

EXALT_1403KL019When Stationary, Pure Blue purifies the cabin surfaces by spreading bactericides and fungicides. Once the vehicle is moving, an active filter treats the air before it enters the cabin.

EXALT_1403KL012Black ebony wood has been selected for its rare qualities and its indigenous roots to the Asian continent.

EXALT_1403KL007The black ebony has been sourced from the tropical forests of South East Asia.

EXALT_1403KL025The black light system is particularly useful during the transition between day and night.

EXALT_1403KL033The bare steel bodywork is hand-formed by a master panel beater.

EXALT_1403KL035The rear bumper features an air extractor.

EXALT_1403KL023A motif designed by the trio PINWU Design agency; combining a lion with bamboo stems and leaves, its creation was entrusted to a Chinese master craftsman using traditional techniques.


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