DIY maintenance tips to keep your car engine younger for longer - A special presentation by TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2!

Brand Feature Published: May 20, 2021, 07:39 PM IST

We trust the mechanics with our cars - TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 special segment presents DIY car maintenance tips from these experts.

Cars and car engines are complex machines with multiple pieces of equipment. While that may sound obvious, what's also true is that it takes more than just a simple understanding of individual parts to service the whole. That's why engines need total protection, regular care and maintenance – something which we usually depend on our mechanics for. Their ability to pre-empt problems, appraise engine conditions and always be there when needed is what keeps our wheels moving.

TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2

This need became essential during the Covid-19 pandemic, when mobility of essential goods and personnel had to continue despite the lockdown. It was the unshakeable dedication by these mechanics that inspired the TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars 2 initiative.

While the initiative is dedicated to the inspiring stories of resilience and ingenuity of these mechanics, it is also a chance for users to understand some simple facts about the machines that our mechanics so expertly maintain and service. That's why, TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 presents a special segment by Bertrand D'Souza, Editor of Overdrive, a popular automotive magazine. Featuring two engaging and fun Do-It-Yourself, videos that provide an easy guide to some of the simplest yet most essential automotive maintenance procedures. He is also joined by a guest mechanic, for an illuminating discussion on maintenance routines. Plus, there are amazing hacks for car owners at the end of each video too!

In the first video, Bertrand guides viewers on How To Change Engine Oil. It's quick and easy, if done right. Watch the first DIY video right here.

The scope of vehicle maintenance expands further in the second video. Here is Bertrand, along with the guest mechanic, sharing DIY Car Engine Maintenance Tips.

Following these steps won't just make your on-road experience better, it will also make your mechanic's job easier when it's time to maintain and repair those engines.

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