Neighbours meet for a long drive

Team OD Updated: May 09, 2013, 04:16 PM IST

The North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT) and Assam Speed and Adventure Club (ASAC) are organizing a 5000km trip starting from Guwahati, making a halt at Yangon in Myanmar and then back to Guwahati. This journey is named as Indo Myanmar Friendship Car Rally and will commence from 29/01/2012 and end on 09/02/2012.

This international event is supported by the ministry of DoNER, Govt. of India, New Delhi and the Govt. of North Eastern States of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland besides the active supports of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism and hotel of the Govt. of Union of Myanmar and the Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi. The idea behind this drive is to promote tourism and trade as also re-inforce the bonds between the two countries. In an attempt to help both the countries understand their cultures, enroute, there would be many festivals, dance, music as also cuisine showcased.

There would be a total of 225 participants which would have a count of 75 per cent Indians and 25 per cent foreigners. 55 SUVs would be used for this drive. For more details, logon to or contact Mr Ravi Agarwal at or +91-9435016512.The attached press release details the proposed itinerary.

Here is the press release:


1. Total number of participants 225 (75% Indians/ 25% Foreigners)

2. Total number of vehicles 55 nos. (All SUV Cars)

3. Dates : 29th January to 9th February, 2012

4. Programme (Tentative itinerary) :

Day 1:- 9.00am : Documentations and Formalities

3.00 pm : Handing over of cars

5.00 pm : Press Meet

7.00 pm : Final briefing followed by Dinner

Night halt at Guwahati, India.

Day 2:- 7.00 am : Opening ceremony

1. Chief Guest - Union Minister of DoNER, Govt. of India.

2. Guest of Honour:

i) Chief Minister of Assam

ii) H.E. Zin Yaw, Ambassador of Union of Myanmar, New Delhi in India.

7.30am : Flag off from Guwahati by Chief Minister of Assam

12noon : Lunch at Kaziranga

6.00 pm : Arrival at Kohima followed by dinner

Distance to cover: 500kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Kohima, India

Day 3:- 7.00 am : Flag off from Kohima by CM of Nagaland.

12 noon : Arrival at Imphal followed by lunch

1.00 pm : Flag off by the CM/ Governor of Manipur

5.00 pm : Arrival at Moreh (India)/Tamu (Myanmar), Immigration check in for border crossing.

Distance to cover : 250 Kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Tamu, Myanmar.

Day 4:- 8.00 am : Flag off from Tamu by CM of Sagaing Division, Myanmar.

11 am : Lunch at Kalemiyo

4.00 pm : Tea break at Monywa

8.00 pm : Arrival at Mandalay and followed by Dinner

Distance to cover : 500 Kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Mandalay, Myanmar

Day 5:- 8.00 am : Break fast followed by city tours

12 noon : Lunch

2.00 pm : Flag off by the CM of Mandalay

4.30 pm : Arrival at Naypyitaw

6.00 pm : Official reception followed by Business Conference on Tourism and Trade

in the Perspective of NE India and Myanmar Jointly organised by NEFIT and UMFCCI

8.00 pm : Cultural Programme followed by Dinner

Distance to cover : 160 Kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Naypyitaw, Capital of Myanmar

Day 6:- 8.00 am : Flag off by Hon'ble President of Union of Myanmar.

3.00 pm : Tea break at Bago

8.00pm : Arrival at Yangon followed by dinner and rest.

Distance to cover : 600 Kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Yangon, Myanmar.

Day 7: 8.00 am : Break fast followed by City tour

12.00 noon : Lunch break

3.00 pm : Special chat programme with H.E the Ambassador of India to Myanmar.

4.00 pm : Business conference initiated & hosted by UMFCCI, Yangon

6.00 pm : Cultural Nite followed by dinner.

Night Halt at Yangon, Myanmar

Day 8:- 8.00 am : Flag off by Tourism Minister of Myanmar.

12.00 noon : Lunch break

4.00 pm : Arrival at Piyay

Distance to cover : 600 Kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Piyay, Myanmar

Day 9 :- 8.00 am : Flag off From Piyay

12.00 noon : Lunch break

5.00 pm : Arrival at Bagan

7.00 pm : Reception followed by dinner.

Distance to cover : 500 Kms (Approx)

Night halt at Bagan, Myanmar.

Day 10:- 8.00 am : Flag off from Bagan

12.00 noon : Lunch break

5.00 pm : Arrival at Monywa

7.00pm : Dinner & rest

Distance to cover : 400 Kms. (Approx)

Night halt at Monywa, Myanmar

Day 11:- 6.00 am : Flag off from Monywa

10.00 am : Lunch at kalemiyo

2.00 pm : International Border crossing at Tamu -Moreh.

5.00 pm : Arrival at Imphal

5.30 pm : Flag off from Imphal

9.00 pm : Arrival at Kohima

Distance to cover : 600 Kms (Approx)

Night halt at Kohima.

Day 12: 7.00 am : Flag off from Kohima

10.00 am : Tea break at Dimapur.

1.00 pm : Lunch at Nagaon

4.00 pm : Arrival at Guwahati

5.00 pm : Closing Ceremony and Dinner

8.00pm : Final Press meets

Distance to cover : 370Kms. (Approx)


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