Monsoon Care: Five tips to ensure your car is in the best condition

Aditya Chatterjee Updated: June 05, 2020, 09:36 PM IST

While the country is breathing in the uneasiness of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, monsoon has brought in some relief for most of us who have been locked in our houses for the past couple of months. While it is advisable to continue staying at home and practise social distancing, there could be an emergency or a valid reason for you to step out.  Here are our five tips on taking care of your car during monsoons for a hassle free experience.

1) Buy moisture absorbing silica gel

If your car has been locked for a long period, there are chances of moisture being developed in the cabin. Some of the other causes for moisture inside the cabin are damp carpets, waste left in the cabin, wet clothes, shoes, leakage in the sunroof or the windows and even human breath.

The presence of moisture in the cabin could tend to condense the windshield affecting the vision and also encourage the growth of fungus. The most effective way to avoid this is to get moisture absorbing silica gel, which should do the needful. There are tons of options on online shopping websites like Amazon and Snapdeal.

2) Change wipers or get them checked

"How is it that the wipers have got spoiled when I barely use them in other months?" That's one of the most commonly asked questions that owners tend to ask. The continuous exposure to sun and the changing temperatures across the day, tend the damage the wiper blades. This can be seen with the way they clean the windshield. They could leave marks, make rubber abrasion noise and also not clean the windshield properly, which could also damage the windshield.

Make sure you regularly check the condition of the wipers and replace them, if necessary, as they will be used extensively while driving in the rains. Also, for more effective cleaning of the windshield, put soap solution in the wiper fluid container.

3) Condition of tyres

The roads tend to get extremely slippery during monsoons, blame it on oil or similar substance spilled on the surface, which warrants extra attention while driving or riding. It is here that maximum traction plays an important role in these conditions.

And for that, the tyres have to be in the best condition. If the tyres are worn out, which means the treads are almost gone, water does not get channelised properly through the treads which could affect traction. Check the tread marker on your tyre which indicates the life of your tyre. It is advisable to replace the tyre, if it has clocked the prescribed mileage by the manufacturer.

4) Brake pads

The condition of brake pads too are extremely important for a safe driving experience. While driving, if you notice the brakes are taking longer than usual, making a peculiar sound or if there is a judder at the pedal, it could mean that the brakes need to be replaced as they have worn out. Also, make sure the brake fluid is topped up and the brake lines too are in proper condition.

5) Basic essentials

It is always advisable to have basic essentials stocked in your car in case the monsoon makes you get stuck somewhere. Essentials like an umbrella, torch, dry set of clothes and a towel can prove to be useful during such unpredictable circumstances. Also, carrying extra spares such as fuses and wiper blades  too can come in handy.


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