Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG - Mercedes unveil an all electric concept of the G-Wagen

Kenneth John Published: September 06, 2021, 09:09 AM IST

The iconic boxy design of the Mercedes G-Wagen is what makes it such a popular vehicle amongst the upper-class. Well, sure it is an extremely capable off-roader but over the years the G-Wagen moved on to become a status symbol in the eyes of A-list and t celebrities and. So it was only fair for Mercedes to bolster the G-Wagen to be future compatible and likely so, Mercedes unveiled an all-electric concept version of the G-Wagen.

Mercedes-Benz EQG

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Concept EQG, a near-production study of an all-electric version of its rugged off-road classic. The concept car's design blends the G-class's stunning appearance with chosen design features typical of Mercedes' all-electric vehicles as contrasting highlights. Mercedes-Benz also claims that the "G's" 4x4 characteristics, which have traditionally set the bar high, will not only make their way into the age of electric mobility but will be enhanced in certain respects.

The front appearance of the Concept EQG is unmistakably familiar, thanks to those decades-old circular headlight design. This all-electric variation has a continuous deep black radiator grille instead of a radiator grille like the conventionally powered model variants. The lighted star with a 3D appearance adds a stunning touch to this Black Panel Grille. The dynamic pattern of "round squares" (squircle pattern) in the Mercedes-EQ models' signature blue forms a visual connection around it.

The Concept EQG is fitted with unique 22-inch polished aluminium alloy wheels. Instead of the standard spare wheel cover, there's a lockable box on the back door with white lit accents that looks like a wallbox. This may be used to keep the charging cord within arms reach, for example.

Mercedes-Benz EQG

The chassis design, which is typical of the G-Class, is indeed very off-road competent, with independent suspension on the front axle and a stiff axle at the back, which was created specifically for the integration of the electric motor. The vehicle will have unique on- and off-road driving qualities thanks to four electric motors that are near to the wheels and independently controlled. The Concept EQG's off-road reduction, like any true 4x4, is triggered via a shiftable 2-speed gearbox, allowing it to confidently handle the high "G"-specific off-road requirements.

The electric drive's design benefits also work in favour of the G-Wagen, making it suitable for off-road vehicles and ambitious off-road activities. Mercedes-Benz said that a low centre of gravity is ensured by the batteries incorporated into the ladder frame. An all-electric off-road vehicle like the Concept EQG and the later production model boasts enormous pulling power and controllability, which also proves to be an advantage on steep slopes and deep terrain, thanks to the fact that electric motors provide their maximum torque practically with the first revolution.

There still isn't any word from Mercedes regarding the EQG's interiors or even when should it be a full production model to hit the dealerships.

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