McLaren commissions six special edition cars to celebrate racing heritage

Tuhin Guha Updated: December 14, 2018, 04:39 PM IST

McLaren Special Operations, the company's division tasked with creating bespoke versions of its range sportscar has been hard at work again. This time, MSO has come up with six Mclaren 570S', three coupes and three spiders, which hark back to Mclaren's quite remarkable racing past.


The cars signify various periods of Mclaren's racing heritage in three unique themes. The first of these is called the Muriwai. The two cars are done up in a shade of dull white with grey, black, white and orange stripes. The name comes from the beach on which Bruce McLaren first raced and also named his house in England after. The rear-wing on these cars get McLaren's 'Speedy Kiwi' logo. This inscription evolved into the Mclaren swoosh that we are familiar with today.

Papaya Streak

The send paint scheme is called Papaya Streak. The orange colour on these 570S signify the coulur the company painted its race cars in the sixties and seventies. This was one of its more successful periods, its current F1 cars also carry this colour. Like McLarens from that era, these cars also get a blue rear wing.

Sarthe Grey

The Sarthe Grey colour signifies its most compelling performance in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The McLaren F1 GTR painted in this shade finished 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th in the 1995 edition of the storied endurance race. These cars get plaque which says '24 Heures du Mans – Winners 1995' in white lettering. All the six cars also get a '1 of 6-Racing Through the Ages" numbered plaque.

Other additions have been made common to all six cars. They get a black exterior package, a dealer-installed rear wing, titanium exhaust, black 10-spoke lightweight wheels, and the GT4-inspired racing stripe. The interiors get striping on the seats, special headrest logos, an orange steering wheel position marker, and a key fob finished to match the exterior color.

The McLaren 570S gets a 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 engine that makes 570PS and 600Nm of torque and the company claims a top speed of 328kmph. The car sprints from 0-160kmph in 6.3 seconds, says McLaren. The engine is mated to 7-speed, seamless shift gearbox.

The 'Speedy Kiwi' motif

With McLaren now turning into a full fledged maker of very competent sports cars, it is easy to forget how much racing expertise and heritage the brand signifies. These cars help jog that memory.

These cars were comissioned by McLaren Beverly Hills and debuted December 11 in California, USA, during the 'An Evening with MSO' event hosted by the retailer.


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