McLaren 750S makes global debut

Gajanan Kashikar Updated: April 26, 2023, 04:56 PM IST

British supercar marque McLaren revealed the new 750S as a successor to the 720S. The new 750S is the most potent and the lightest series-production McLaren. Notably, it is available in choices of coupe and convertible body styles. Meanwhile, McLaren says that the 750S is "a new benchmark" in the supercar territory.

McLaren 750S: The Heart
The new 750S features a tweaked M480T 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 mill. To achieve improved power output and reduce weight, McLaren has made an array of changes in the engine, such as new dual fuel pumps, lighter pistons borrowed from the 765LT, higher-pressure turbochargers, and so on. Therefore, as its name suggests, the new 750S generates a staggering 750PS and 800Nm of torque. It is even more powerful than the legendary P1. Notably, McLaren has also tuned the seven-speed sequential automatic transmission with shorter final drive ratios.

As a result, the 750S can hit the 100kmph mark from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds, whereas it can achieve 0-200kmph in 7.3 seconds (7.3 seconds in the 750S Spider). Not to mention, the 750S needs less than 20 seconds to touch 300kmph, while the 750S Spider takes only 20.4 seconds.

McLaren 750S: Mechanicals and electronics
With all optional carbon fibre and lightweight components, the 750S weighs 1,277kg, providing a "segment-leading" power-to-weight ratio of 587PS per tonne. However, the standard model weighs 1,389kg but it is still 30kg lighter than the 720S, thanks to new forged alloy wheels that save 13.8kg and new carbon fibre-shelled racing seats saving 17.5kg. Even the new driver instrument cluster and lightweight windscreen contribute savings of 1.8kg and 1.6kg, respectively. To further reduce its weight, McLaren has developed a standard-fit centre exit exhaust - reminiscent of the P1 - from stainless steel, saving 2.2kg over the 720S.

The 750S also debuts McLarens new-generation Proactive Chassis Control system with improved suspension performance. With this, the front springs are softer, while the rear spring setup is stiffer than the 720S. Plus, the new spring and damper design reduces its weight by 2kg.

Further, it has a 6mm wider front track, a faster steering ratio with a new power-assistance pump, and new suspension geometry. On top of that, a new vehicle lift system raises the front of the 750S in just four seconds instead of 10 seconds in the 720S.

McLaren 750S: Design and Interior
While the 750S is 30 per cent new under the skin, it features subtle changes on the outside. To begin with, it comes with a new lowered front bumper and extended front splitter, narrower "eye socket" air inlets, larger air inlets located near rear wheel arches, and redesigned and longer rear deck, among others. It also features a raised and lengthened active rear wing.

The cockpit comes draped in Alcantara. McLaren has also given it new displays, Apple CarPlay as standard, and a new McLaren Control Launcher to save various personalised vehicle settings and access them via a switch. To further customise the 750S, McLaren offers endless paint, trim, and upholstery options, including numerous performance upgrades - at a price.

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