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Maserati appoints Davide Grasso as Chief Operating Officer, Harald Wester Appointed Executive Chairman

Team OD  | Updated: July 04, 2019, 07:11 PM IST

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced the appointment of Davide Grasso as the chief operating officer (COO) of Maserati. Also, Harald Wester has been appointed as the executive chairman of Maserati in addition to his responsibilities of chief technical officer (CTO), including global powertrain along with global vehicle engineering for the group.

Davide Grasso has taken up the responsibility at Maserati after playing the role of chief executive officer (CEO) of Nike's Converse. Prior to this, he led the Nike brand as chief marketing officer.

Harald Wester is responsible for overseeing product development and engineering including the expansion of the internal combustion engine along with hybrid/electric powertrains.

"With Davide's arrival, we continue to round out FCA's senior leadership team with world-class talent," said Michael Manley, CEO, FCA. "He brings a wealth of brand expertise to one of the most historic marks in the automotive world. Davide and Harald will build up on the work that's already underway to rejuvenate Maserati worldwide; and Davide will be a valuable advisor to the GEC on brand matters across the FCA portfolio."

"The expansion of Harald's CTO role will further accelerate our progress in powertrain development and drive the integration of market leading technologies into our brands. Combining vehicle and powertrain engineering under one of the industry's most respected technology leaders will streamline the delivery of our product strategies," said Manley.

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