Maruti Suzuki to begin single-shift production at Manesar plant

Team OD Published: April 22, 2020, 02:50 PM IST

Maruti Suzuki is set to restart production at its Manesar facility in Haryana with a single shift in operation. This is on the back of the new guidelines set down by the government on April 20, in light of the COVID19 lockdown extension, that allow industries to function in rural and industrial zones outside of municipal limits.

The company has been allowed to begin operations with close to 5,000 workers and 5 vehicles at the plant. The company will have to follow social-distancing and mainain a high degree of hygiene in its premises, as per these guidelines.

Most company's are in the process of coming up with new operating procedures for their plants which will be used to ensure social distancing and hygiene norms are maintained at every aspect of the workplace, right from transporting workers to the plant, consistent screening, distancing at common areas and workstations, and also self-screening techniques.

Maruti Suzuki has two other plants in the country, one at Gurugram and another engine plant in Gujarat. These still haven't received the necessary clearances.


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