MapmyIndia COVID-19 guide helps locate nearby isolation areas, treatment facilities and hunger relief centres in the country

Aditya Chatterjee Updated: May 16, 2020, 02:40 PM IST

Popular map service provider MapmyIndia has introduced a COVID-19 guide on both, its website and mobile platform called Move. Both of which can be accessed free of cost. The guide helps one locate all the isolation centres, treatment facilities, hunger relief centres and more. It also helps get all the information on the Coronavirus testing labs run by the government as well as private agencies. In addition to accessing all these locations, the guide also lets users add their own reviews and photographs of these centres, which can be help others understand the quality of treatment, the amenities and also the hygiene levels of these centres

The website shows real time information in-sync with the data from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)

Under the present conditions of lockdown, one should only travel for emergency reasons or getting essential commodities. The COVID-19 guide will not only help locate the centres mentioned above but also help the users plan their trips better by avoiding areas which have higher cases. MapmyIndia is also offering complimentary developer tools and APIs (application program interface) of the guide to all the developers who want to embed this guide inn their own websites or integrate it with their custom mobile applications.

While the web link of the COVID-19 guide gives a live dashboard to get the latest, pan India updates on the spread & mitigation of Corona virus  - confirmed cases, recoveries, etc. along with the information on authorised COVID-19 facilities across India, the mobile application Move helps navigate to nearby corona testing, treatment and isolation centres.

"MapmyIndia team is continuously updating new facilities and health centres capable of handling Corona cases, as they come up, across India. With an objective to serve the society and help keep everyone safe, we welcome comments, feedback, suggestions etc. from users. These will help us enhance the functionality of these resources, making them more relevant, efficient and effective," mentioned, Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia.

MapmyIndia COVID-19 Guide helps the user plan their trips in a better way by avoiding particular areas which have higher cases

In addition to helping individuals, MapmyIndia will also be offering COVID-19 tools & APIs, including map APIs, location-based analytics and GIS (geographical information systems), navigation and route planning, location tracking, fleet and field workforce management to help organisations and businesses resume operations post the opening of lockdown in the country. These, however, will not be complimentary as in the case of individual users mentioned above.

The company claims that its softwares, tools and APIs will help businesses to assess, visualise, analyse, plan, generate real-time location-based alerts and operate their pan India strategy and activities at a micro- and hyper-local level. Further, all the tools of the guide can be integrated into any of the organisation's internal employee and external consumer-facing web and mobile applications, which can help them send safety alerts and any other necessary information around Coronavirus.

MapmyIndia's mobile application called Move also offers information on all centres and areas

The different functions of the COVID-19 guide that ensure the safety of customers by the organisations,  include information on Corona-related safety status of retail outlets, safety status of routes taken by the vehicles and workers who brought goods for them or are helping transport them, Real-time safe navigation avoiding micro-containment zones as they travel to the organisations' retail locations.


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