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Mahindra Arjun Novo tractor launched in India

Team OD  | Updated: August 24, 2014, 03:52 PM IST

Mahindra and Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector (FES) has launched the new Arjun Novo tractor in India at Rs 7.35 lakh ex-Pune. It is costlier than the Arjun 605Di that it replaces. Mahindra says that it is the first model to be built on the new high Horse Power (HP) platform. The Arjun Novo tractor comes in two variants, 605DI which is a 57HP unit while the 605DI-PS is a 52HP unit. Mahindra says that the new tractors have the highest torque in class at 236.9Nm as well as the best in class fuel efficiency.



Both the tractors come with an 18-speed syncromesh transmission and also boast a lift capacity of 2,200kg. Mahindra offers a service interval of 400 hours for the Arjun Nova tractors. These tractors were designed at Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai.


Speaking at the launch, Pawan Goenka, executive director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "Mahindra is the global leader in tractors by volumes. With the launch of the new Arjun Novo, we have deployed technology innovation to set new benchmarks, thereby reinventing ourselves to stay ahead. This is a perfect example of the Mahindra Rise philosophy of Alternative Thinking based on deep understanding of unmet customer needs. We are confident this will be a category defining launch."

Mahindra Arjun Novo tractor launch press release

Mahindra pioneers technologically superior farming solutions with launch of an all new tractor - Arjun Novo National launch of new Arjun Novo at Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai Synopsis: • The technologically advanced and stylishly designed Arjun Novo, is the first tractor model to roll out of the all new high horse power (HP) platform • Available in 2 variants – 57HP - 605DI-i & 52HP – 605DI-PS • Creating new benchmarks in performance, technology, comfort and ergonomics, new Arjun Novo boasts of a wide array of world-class and category first features: - Performance: Best in class lift capacity of 2,200 kg, best in class fuel efficiency, most powerful engine with highest torque of 236.9 Nm and a back up torque of 33% - Technology: Hi-tech, advanced Synchromesh Transmission, 18 speed options (includes 15 F, which is the highest number of forward gears offered in India and 3R gears), Precision Hydraulic with highest pump flow for quick lowering - Comfort & Ergonomics: Full flat platform, comfortable seating, ergonomic controls, fatigue free driving experience for long hours in the field, one of the most comfortable tractors in the category - Longest service interval of 400 hours • Investment of about Rs. 300 crores towards the development of the new platform • 73 tractors rigorously tested on performance for a cumulative 70,000 hours for 40 applications in 8 states, a first in the history of tractor development • The first new tractor platform to be designed and developed in Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai • Competitively priced at Rs 7.35 lakhs (ex showroom Pune). This is just 15000 higher than Arjun 605Di that it replaces. August 20, 2014, Chennai: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.'s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a part of the USD 16.5 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of the new Arjun Novo, the most technologically advanced and stylishly designed new generation tractor, based on a whole new platform. The new Arjun Novo, will be available in 2 variants of 57HP - 605DI-i and 52HP – 605DI-PS. This is a class leading product which boasts of many first of its kind features, making it an apt choice for the evolved, knowledgeable and technologically savvy farmer. In fact, the new Arjun Novo offers options of both open station as well as an air conditioned cabin, a unique offering in the sub 60HP tractor segment in India. The tractor will be priced at Rs. 7.35 lakhs (ex showroom Pune) for the 57HP variant. The first new tractor to be designed and developed in-house at Mahindra Research Valley, the company's global research facility in Chennai, the new Arjun Novo is in line with Mahindra's vision of becoming the pioneer in providing technology driven farming solutions to farmers across the country. With new benchmarks in technology, comfort and ergonomics, the latest offering from the Mahindra stable, Arjun Novo is all set to change farming practices and improve efficiency and quality of output, leading to Farm Tech Prosperity. Speaking at the launch, Dr Pawan Goenka, Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "Mahindra is the global leader in tractors by volumes. With the launch of the new Arjun Novo, we have deployed technology innovation to set new benchmarks, thereby reinventing ourselves to stay ahead. This is a perfect example of the Mahindra Rise philosophy of Alternative Thinking based on deep understanding of unmet customer needs. We are confident this will be a category defining launch." Rajesh Jejurikar, Chief Executive- Farm Equipment & Two Wheeler Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "The new Arjun Novo has been designed to maximise productivity and prosperity, enabling farmers to Rise in life. It offers many firsts in its category including lift capacity of 2200 KG, advanced synchromesh 15F + 3R transmission, longest service interval of 400 hours and best fuel efficiency- an excellent value proposition at a great price. This launch will help grow the higher Horse Power category and be a trend setter." The New Arjun Novo, the first tractor to be rolled out of the higher HP platform, has been developed through extensive research and insighting conducted with over 100 farmers across 10 states to understand the mechanization needs of farmers. The development of Mahindra's new Arjun Novo involved a seeding phase in which a total of 73 tractors were tested based on their performance in 40 applications, across 8 states for a cumulative 70,000 hours. Compared to industry standards, this has been one of the most extensive testing cycles, in terms of rigour and magnitude. Based on the results of this seeding and keeping in mind the expectations of the next generation farmer, the new Arjun Novo design has been perfected to fulfill the needs of the new age farmer. Addressing these critical aspects innovatively formed the core of the development ideology behind the new Arjun Novo. About the new Arjun Novo: Developed specifically for the 50 - 60 HP segment, the new Arjun Novo will deliver uniform and consistent power with minimum RPM drop in all application and soil conditions. It would also possess high lift capacity hydraulic systems, making it suitable for numerous farming and haulage operations. An ergonomically designed operator station, low maintenance and best in class fuel efficiency in the category are some of the key highlights of this technologically advanced tractor. A leap in technology and innovation, the new Arjun Novo has many technological innovations and industry firsts to its credit. New Generation, Technologically Advanced Engine to Boost Productivity and Performance The new Arjun Novo features the technologically advanced, new generation Mahindra engine that provides best-in-class productivity and efficiency: • Most powerful engine, with highest torque of 236.9 Nm and a back up torque of 33% • 4 cylinder engine with inline FIP • Delivers full power at 2100 RPM • Most fuel efficient tractor in the category • Best-in-class cooling system with the biggest air cleaner and radiator • Provision for front PTO Drive High-tech Advanced Synchromesh Transmission With an advanced Synchromesh Transmission and wide range lever, the new Arjun Novo provides a superior farming experience across the speed range. It facilitates an effortless driving experience and is way ahead of its competitors. • Widest range of levers - 3 range (High, Medium, Low) • Maximum number of forward gears as compared to any other tractor in India, to facilitate superior farming experience – 15 forward and 3 reverse gears • Speed ranging between 1.69 kmph and 33 kmph • Best PTO HP in the sub 60 HP segment • 540 RPM with the options of 540 economy and 540 reverse • Biggest, most reliable long life clutch • Effective oil immersed triple disc brakes Advanced Precision Hydraulics Owing to its Advanced Precision Hydraulics, new Arjun Novo is the best-in-class in lifting impossibly heavy weights. • Advanced high precision hydraulics • 2 holes - bell crank – to suit various soil conditions • Best-in-class lift capacity of 2,200 kg • Highest pump flow for quick lowering – 40 lpm • Ease of attaching implements – making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including land preparation / development, sowing, ploughing, tilling, harrowing, planting among others. It is compatible with rotary tiller, MB plough, TMCH, potato planter, digger, rake, baler and mulcher and shredder Utmost Comfort & Convenience The operator area of this ergonomically designed new tractor makes it one of the most comfortable tractors in the category. Additionally, with top notch convenience features installed, the new Arjun Novo ensures effortless farming and makes it easy for long hours of fatigue free operation on the field. • Full flat platform tractor • Comfortable seating with 4 way adjustable deluxe seat • Advanced ergonomic controls such as suspended pedals • Stylish Instrument Cluster with auto diagnostic indicators • Car-like combination switch • Increased style quotient with high powered wraparound head lamps • Twin position single button bonnet opening (55 degree and 80 degree opening) – first time in the category • Option of air-conditioned cabin


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