Mahindra Adventure conducts 120th edition of the Great Escape in Jaisalmer

Rishabh Bhaskar Updated: February 24, 2015, 07:21 PM IST

The Great Escape by Mahindra's motorsport arm, Mahindra Adventure, is an off-road driving event that gives enthusiasts a chance to experience what a four-wheel drive vehicle can do. Held in Jaisalmer this year, this 120th edition of the Great Escape was an invitation-only event which was attended by CEOs of domestic and international companies that manufacture auto components for Mahindra.

120th-Edition-Mahindra-Drive5Participants await their turn to get the chance to tackle the obstacles in the unforgiving desert terrain

Before the flag-off, Mahindra unveiled two special Thars to the attendees - one was the 5 millionth vehicle to roll off Mahindra's assembly line, a red Thar. The other special Thar was the Adventure 100 that wore a white paint job with gold coloured graphics.

120th-Edition-Mahindra-Drive3The to roll out of a Mahindra factory was this red Thar

After the flag-off, the SUVs were driven in a convoy to the famous Sam Sand Dunes of the Thar Desert, at Jaisalmer. The participants got a chance to drive and experience Mahindra's range of SUVs such as the Scorpio, Bolero, Scorpio Getaway and the Thar.

Many of them had never driven a vehicle off-road and were taught the nitty-gritties of off-road driving in the desert. From deflating the tyres to the correct pressure and maintaining momentum when driving up an incline with a steady throttle, to controlling the vehicle as it descends down the steep slope of a dune, the drivers learnt the right way to drive off-road.

120th-Edition-Mahindra-Drive0copyThe 70 vehicle strong convoy comprised of Scorpios, Boleros and Thars

The event also showcased the capability of Mahindra's SUV's with the Thar proving to be the best Mahindra in this terrain. The Thar's purpose-built nature came to to the fore in the desert, where its torquey engine and short wheelbase exhibited its prowess much to the admiration of all those who got behind its wheel.

The Mahindra Thar takes on the Thar DesertThe Mahindra takes on the Thar Desert

Events like the Mahindra Great Escape showcase the company's focus in building an off-road driving culture in India. As a stepping stone, enthusiasts can also learn about off-roading at Mahindra's Off-Road Training Academy at Igatpuri in Maharashtra.

120th-Edition-Mahindra-Drive2The lead and rescue Thars at the flag off

Annual 'Invitation Only' Mahindra Great Escape vrooms into its 120th edition in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

February 23, 2015, Jaisalmer: The 120th edition of the Mahindra Great Escape, one of India's most loved off-roading adventures, concluded on February 22, 2015 in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan with around 70 Mahindra SUVs manoeuvering the challenging route. The Annual 'Invitation Only' Great Escape received an overwhelming response from invited dignitaries, which included CEOs of domestic and international auto component companies and agencies. The Mahindra SUVs negotiated an overall track of 60 km comprising a 12 km off-road track of steep inclines, shifting slopes and undulating sand dunes, leaving everyone asking for more. This exclusive annual edition of the rally was by invitation only and saw eminent personalities from all walks of life enjoy the Mahindra spirit of adventure and off-roading. Participating vehicles included the Mahindra Thar, Scorpio, Scorpio Getaway and Bolero, each representing the tough and rugged DNA of Mahindra vehicles. The terrain was a challenge for the experienced and amateurs alike. Through steep inclines, shifting slopes and treacherous sands, these powerful SUVs stood their ground and emerged unscathed in the sandy terrain in and around the popular Sam Sand Dunes. From going easy on the throttle to crawling in first gear and knowing when to let go on the slopes, every vehicle and the participants had their share of challenges. Participants also got a chance to see the White Special Edition Thar, which was unveiled at the Annual Mahindra Great Escape. On display, was also the 5 millionth vehicle, a Thar, that was rolled out from Mahindra's manufacturing plant in Kandivali on January 5, 2015. Speaking on the event, Dr Pawan Goenka, Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, "We were delighted to have hosted the 120th edition of the Annual Mahindra Great Escape in the golden city of Jaisalmer. Rajasthan is a very popular destination among off-roading enthusiasts for its terrain and allows us to showcase to our customers the tough and enduring nature of Mahindra vehicles. Over the years, the Great Escape has developed a reputation as one of India's most thrilling off-road events and this year's edition was no different as it put both man and machine to test". This edition of the Annual Mahindra Great Escape received a befitting royal welcome in Jaisalmer, amidst its majestic splendours. Known for its golden landscape, the city of Jaisalmer is cradled in the heart of the Great Indian Desert. Flanked by the ruthless desert and magnificent sand dunes on one side and sprawling forts and palaces on the other side, Jaisalmer is a city steeped in cultural heritage. The Mahindra Great Escape route was chalked out by the Mahindra Adventure team with the 'With You Hamesha' service team who ensured that participants enjoyed the rally unhindered. Post the rally, it was time for the celebrations to begin. Guests were treated to musical entertainment, while experiencing the best of Rajasthani hospitality.

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