Maharashtra lockdown: How to maintain your vehicle while you stay at home

Team OD Updated: April 13, 2021, 08:59 PM IST

It's back to staying at home for the next two weeks for residents in Maharashtra with the government having announced some stringent lockdown measures to counter the COVID19 threat. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone around the state, disrupting routine life. Unfortunately, the number of COVID-19 affected cases are increasing more rapidly than ever in India, forcing states to announce containment measures. These measures are being taken to make sure everyone practises social distancing to reduce human contact to the least possible. Also, a strong focus is being put on practising personal hygiene. The best way to deal with the coronavirus is to stay indoors and step out only in case of an emergency. And in such a scenario, your vehicle too will remain unused. Here are our tips to maintain your vehicle during the COVID19 lockdown 2.0.

1) Fire it up!

While you can't and shouldn't take your vehicle out for a spin in this lockdown period, one must make sure to get the vehicle started once in every two to three days. And then let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes. This will ensure that the battery of the vehicle does not get discharged and also the oil heats up and circulates in the engine, maintaining its viscosity. However, if you can't manage to do all of this, we suggest you to disconnect the battery from its terminal.

2) Move it!

Yes, we did mention that one cannot take the vehicle for a spin outside, however, if you can drive or ride inside your compound or in the society, do that. This will keep all the components in working condition, be it the air-conditioner or the brakes.

3) Spin the wheels

If your four-wheeler or two-wheeler has been in a stationary condition for a long period, the whole weight is concentrated on one particular patch of the tyre that is in contact with the surface. To avoid this, turn the wheels and move it around to alter the contact patch. In case of a four-wheeler, you can forward or reverse by a metre and then park the vehicle accordingly. Avoid keeping the handbrake engaged as it could jam the brakes. It is advisable to leave the vehicle in gear to restrict movement.

4) Check electrical connections

In a lot of cases, where vehicles are parked in enclosed areas, rats tend to get inside the vehicle and chew on electric connections. The best way to avoid this is to often open the hood and run a thorough check for nests. Also keeping naphthalene balls in different corners of the engine bay should be useful.

5) Keeping the cabin clean

If the car has been unused for a long period, make sure the windows are lowered when you start the car. At least for 15 minutes to make sure the cabin is aired out ensuring adequate ventilation. To be precise, the plastics on the trims, dashboard, AC vents tend to emit Benzene, which is experienced from the smell after opening the car. Also, do not switch on the AC as soon as you enter the vehicle but after a couple of minutes.