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Lockdown dreams: Five cars to quarantine in!

Team OD  | Updated: April 17, 2020, 10:12 AM IST

Lockdown is when you stay inside your home. Strictly. No venturing out, no exposure to the imminent COVID risk. These are the times when the mid begins to wander, to think of random things and make funny lists. Speaking about random, here is a question - what if your home could drive?

Driving homes aren't new. People have been driving across countries, across continents and even across the globe in their cars, vans or caravans. So we thought, why not list the cars sold in India that could become good live-ins and perfect to get quarantined in.

  1. Nissan Evalia

Believe it or not, the Nissan Evalia was one of the best vans in a budget that you could buy in India. Though Indians never went beyond the Eeco, those who did, swear by the space and comfort. You could easily remove the seats in the back, setup a nice bunk bed, a little electric stove and a camping extension roof from the rails for a nice front yard to get that folding armchair out. It could be your perfect budget caravan for two if you have to have a plus one!

  1. Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo

Or you could be rich and buy it all on one package – the Mercedes V-Class Marco Polo. Our boss, Bertrand, would swear by it. It is large and spacious and luxurious. You could very well go glamping your way to whichever part of the world you want, as long as there is a road and supply of diesel. It has a kitchen, a sink, a refrigerator and a water tank too! And it has proper beds for four – speak about a perfect family quarantine van!

  1. Force Cruiser

Coming back to budget, there is one underdog stuck on the countryside that can become a perfect camper - the Force Cruissssser. There is enough space in it to invite your relatives over for a quarantine drive. Jokes apart, the barebones people mover can give the perfect base for an overlander to row through the countryside through bad roads, trails and even some mild off-road!

  1. Isuzu V-Cross

But, if you want to hit wilderness really hard, the Isuzu V-Cross will be your perfect companion. It has the mechanicals - the low-ratio, four-wheel drive and the classic ladder-frame. Get it the right set of wheels and it will take you almost anywhere. The twin-cabs is perfect for four while the huge cargo bay will carry your tents, ration, stoves, sleeping bags, clothes and still have the space to dump a washing machine!

  1. Range Rover

The ultimate fantasy though would be a long-wheelbase Rangie overlander. Big fat chunky wheels, raised suspension, bunk beds in the back, swiveling stoves on the tail-gate bench. The roof-rack could be the stocking rig, carrying ration and frozen food. It will be huge and capable and could take you across the Arctic. Wait, are we preparing for quarantine or apocalypse?


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