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Lamborghini Sian's supercapacitor tech to be developed for future electrified models

Tuhin Guha  | Updated: July 09, 2020, 03:59 PM IST

Lamborghini has announced that the supercapacitor energy storage system found in the limited-run Lamborghini Sian Roadster and FKP 37 coupe will be developed further for the brand's future electrified models.

This energy storage tech, which replaces a lithium-ion battery pack, is a world-first initiative in this industry by Lamborghini. A more basic iteration had first debuted as the starter motor in the Aventador but the unit in the Sian is the result of a three-year collaboration with MIT.

Lamborghini says that it's electrification plans will depend on how it finds ways to manage weight and packaging, and a supercapacitor energy storage system has some advantages in this regard. They are lighter, can be charged and discharged very quickly, hold more charge at a given voltage and have longer life cycles. A drawback, though, is that they can't match the energy levels of a lithium-ion battery just yet.

But in the Sian, Lamborghini has played to this technology's strengths and used it in a mild hybrid set-up. The 34PS e-motor motor can be used during low-speed manoeuvres like parking and reversing, and help smooth out power delivery during acceleration. This system also gives the Sian one of the most efficient regen braking system around, which lets it's energy storage system be fully charged every time the vehicle brakes. This boost is available up to 130 kmph when the e-motor disconnects.

Lamborghini has said that the firm's V12 engine, a big part of its heritage, will be developed even as the need for electrification grows. Alongside this, the Italian supercar maker will also develop an all-electric model, possibly with the long-awaited line four-door coupe models. In both scenarios, path-breaking tech like supercapacitors seems to have a lot of scope of integration.

Image gallery: 2020 Lamborghini Sian Roadster

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