Lamborghini Aventador successor images leaked ahead of March 2023 premier

Kenneth John Published: February 15, 2023, 10:09 AM IST

We expect the successor of the Lamborghini Aventador to debut in the flesh towards the end of March 2023 but for now, we have a slight glimpse of what the car will actually look like. Images of what seemed to be poster car's heir surfaced on the internet, giving us our best look yet at the impending hybrid V12 flagship from the Italian supercar manufacturer.

With a pointed snout, sizable trapezoidal intakes, and the Y symbol around the headlights, the Aventador replacement maintains the brand's aggressive appearance. It features triangle headlamps, which is a form that's mirrored in the hood as creases. The sides have thick sills and huge, split intakes hidden behind the door, and they are just as stylized.

It has two top-mounted exhaust pipes on the back, which are bordered by triangular taillights. The new supercar will have a single-pane window with air vents on either side, unlike the Aventador, which featured a three-pane rear window over the engine.

The new Lamborghini will still have a V12 engine, but it will be powered by electricity. Although the manufacturer has stated that the next supercar would use a plug-in hybrid configuration, details like power and electric range are yet unknown. Lamborghini intends to electrify a portion of every model in its portfolio by 2024, with the introduction of a fully electric car in the latter half of the same year.

These pictures come on the backhand of Lamborghini bidding farewell to the iconic V12 with two one-off models, the Invincible coup and Autntica roadster. You can read more about that here.

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