KTM not bringing alternate engine maps to India

Team OD Updated: May 02, 2014, 06:08 PM IST

You've read recently on various websites and blogs that KTM intends to shortly start selling alternative engine maps for the Duke allowing you to adopt a map that's closer to your use pattern. We have confirmation now that this story is just untrue. Technically possible, for sure, but just not happening in India.

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The background to this story is a question that was raised in a KTM technical session where the idea of a different map was asked. The response was that this is technically possible. What it requires is a piece of equipment that can talk to the motorcycle ECU and download to it a new map with alternative ignition parameters that changes the way the engine works. The alternative map can then, do many things like bring up economy, make more power, offer more refinement etc. In each case, these benefits would be at the expense of something. Power would come at the expense of refinement and economy while fuel efficiency will usually make the bike's output lower and so forth.

The 390 Duke needs just 2.7s to reach 60kmphKTM does offer factory-certified engine maps for some of their higher end models says our source in Bajaj

However, the rest of the story is just not going to happen. KTM does offer factory-certified engine maps for some of their higher end models says our source in Bajaj. This though isn't an option on all their models and is restricted to some of their most expensive machines. Second, the equipment needed to alter ECU maps is available with the R&D and service teams at Bajaj but not with the dealerships. Further, there is no plan to roll out this equipment to any dealerships either.

By extension, there is currently no plan to start offering commercially or otherwise any alternate engine maps to KTM's 200 and 390 Dukes in India.


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