KTM gives the thumbs up for the E-SPEED electric scooter launch in 2015

Lijo Mathai Updated: May 14, 2013, 04:36 PM IST


So it is finally official! KTM has confirmed that the E-SPEED which it first showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 will debut in production form as a 2015 model. To recap, the E-SPEED is KTM's second electric bike but it's first for the urban populace. The Freeride E, the other concept for off-roaders will debut as a 2014 model. The KTM E-SPEED weighs in at 140kgs and makes 15PS and 36Nm from its Li-Ion battery pack. KTM says that on a two hour charge, the E-SPEED will cover a distance of 64km. ABS is standard and the E-SPEED also comes with regenerative braking. The KTM E-SPEED's chassis is built of a hybrid trellis frame which is made of light metal. And needless to say, this KTM scooter also is a looker with its signature orange wheel theme and all.

KTM executive board member for business development and production Harald Plockinger says that the company is looking forward to electro-mobility on two wheels and that KTM is convinced that electric mobility will be a success in urban areas.


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