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Isuzu India receives permission to resume operation at the SriCity plant

Aditya Chatterjee  | Updated: May 07, 2020, 11:24 AM IST

Isuzu India has announced that it will be resuming operations at its SriCity plant in Andhra Pradesh, for which it has attained all the necessary permissions from the Government authorities. The company is now working with its component manufacturers to commence deliveries from its plant.

Mentioning about the phase of operations, Isuzu India stated, having received the approval to commence operations, IMI is looking into all the details to ensure smooth start of production, which include the phases of preparation, readiness and actual commencement. All the key departments are working towards finalising elements for the same. The company also ensured to adherence of all the safety and precautionary guidelines issued by local authorities. They have been working towards disinfecting the entire plant premises. Furthter, IMI mentions, the manpower availability and their preparedness is a key measure to ensure all the safety norms are followed at the workplace. The various vendors serving the plant have been sensitised with the requirements and are a part of the planning.

Informing us about the measures adopted with vendors to resume operations, the company states that it has been in constant touch with all its suppliers and gets updates from its suppliers. Care is being taken to check within the supplier fraternity on their location, their compliance to safety norms, readiness status and stock on hand. The entire supply chain situation is being studied to identify key areas to focus, confirmed IMI.

We also asked IMI on when can the company start deliveries of vehicles? IMI responded by stating, the current situation has placed everyone in a unique situation. There are various factors in play here with all the government directives including transportation and the reaction of the market post the lockdown. IMI is currently mapping all the scenarios and will be ready to address the needs of its market as it evolves.


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