Intermot 2016: Ducati showcases the new 939 Supersport

Team OD Updated: October 05, 2016, 08:24 PM IST

Ducati has made an interesting statement at Intermot explaining why a bike like the 939 Supersport exists. The company admits that its supersport machines, the 959 Panigale and 1299 Panigale, have become a little too intimidating for some tastes which is why Ducati built the more friendly 939 Supersport.

Ducati 939SS (7)

The Ducati 939 Supersport uses the same engine from the hypermotard that churns out 113PS which puts it on par with something like the Kawasaki Z800. The frame is a simpler trellis unit against the monocoques in the Panigales, and kerb weight is decent 210kg. The motorcycle is designed to be versatile and flexible and should easily transition between everyday riding and fast weekend rides out of the city.

Ducati 939SS (2)

Despite being lower spec compared to the Panigales, it offers adjustable Ohlins suspension and a quickshifter on the top S model. Interestingly, this bike gets a lovely single-sided swingarm that the 959 Panigale misses. The bike has three riding modes, 8-level traction control and 3-level ABS. Valve clearance checks are scheduled for every 30,000km. Adding to the practicality quotient is an adjustable windscreen and what looks like a fairly focused but far friendlier riding position compared to its faster siblings. 

Ducati 939SS (6)

It's fair to expect the 939 Supersport to debut in India sometime next year and at a significantly lower price point than the 959 Panigale's Rs 14 lakh ex-showroom price.

Here is a first look of the Ducati 939 Supersport


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