India could get vehicle registration portability

Team OD Updated: May 22, 2019, 02:30 PM IST

The Indian road transport ministry is planning a move through which car owners will no longer need to re-register their vehicles and change number plates when they move from one state to another. This will also allow for easier transfer of older vehicles to other states. Currently, owners need to get a no-objection certification from the RTO where they first registered their car, repay taxes in the new state and get a new registration number.

2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse Front Number Plate

This system exists because different states have different tax structures. The idea is to discourage buyers from buying cars at a place with lower taxes and get their cars at a cheaper price.

The road transport ministry reportedly first floated this idea at the Group of Transport Minister meeting a few months ago and is still in an initial, draft stage. The Ministry has written to all State government with a proposal to introduce a common tax regime across an idea which will remedy the more convoluted system currently in place. This move will reduce the cars plying on road illegally with other state registrations. Further, may owners who sell their cars to get around this hassle, will not need to do that anymore

Source: Times of India

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