Image gallery: Yamaha XSR900

Anis Shaikh Updated: April 29, 2016, 04:27 PM IST

We know for sure that the MT-09 is coming to India. So now we have started crossing our fingers for this beauty to make its way here. This is the Yamaha XSR900. As you might have guessed, it is an MT-09 based street motorcycle that looks like it just came out of Roland Sands' garage (shout out to the 'Faster Wasp' from his studio). And in the yellow Yamaha speed blocks paint theme, we just cannot get enough of this one.

Yamaha XS850 (14)It might not be a completely new motorcycle, but the XSR900 oozes custom bike charm

Yamaha XS850 (15)If some chassis and suspension bits look familiar, that's because it is the same running chassis as the MT-09

Yamaha XS850 (13)And it's not just the chassis, the motor too is borrowed from the MT-09

Yamaha XS850 (12)Here you can see the XSR900 with the custom 'Faster Wasp' built by Roland Sands

Yamaha XS850 (10)There is just no denying that the XSR900 is a painfully good looking motorcycle

Yamaha XS850 (11)

Yamaha XS850 (9)A custom leather jacket, a Bell Bullitt helmet and an XSR900 is what you will need to make the ultimate style statement

Yamaha XS850 (8)Even the small taillight screams out "custom motorcycle" loudly

Yamaha XS850 (6)

Yamaha XS850 (7)

Yamaha XS850 (5)

Yamaha XS850 (4)Take a Yamaha and add the 60th anniversary colours and it becomes 100 times cooler automatically

Yamaha XS850 (3)Again, the drilled aluminium headlight mounts add to the custom look

Yamaha XS850 (2)

Yamaha XS850 (1)

Yamaha XS850 (17)

Yamaha XS850 (16)


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