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Team OD Published: April 22, 2016, 03:31 PM IST

The Yamaha Tracer 700 is a sport touring version of the excellent MT-07 naked bike. It receives a host of updates to make it more touring friendly that you can read about here. The Tracer 700 is currently available in Europe and is expected to go on sale in the USA shortly. With a price rivaling the Kawasaki Ninja 650 in the UK, the Tracer 700 has the potential to do incredibly well in India if priced right. Unfortunately it would appear  that Yamaha India has no plans to bring either the Tracer 700 or the Yamaha MT-07 to our shores anytime soon.  Still, no harm in scrolling down to check out all the image details.

Yamaha Tracer 700 (23)Semi fairing has been neatly integrated with the naked MT-07 and the Yamaha Tracer 700 is a handsome motorcycle

Yamaha Tracer 700 (24)Long and flat rear subframe is different from the MT-07 and looks more like it came off the MT-09

Yamaha Tracer 700 (22)Dual header pipes look good snaking out of the 699cc parallel twin engine

Yamaha Tracer 700 (21)Three colours available and they all look good

Yamaha Tracer 700 (20)A new single piece seat liberates more room for pillions

Yamaha Tracer 700 (18)Grab rails and a wide looking seat should be good for pillions

Yamaha Tracer 700 (6)Optional saddle bags neatly integrate at the rear

Yamaha Tracer 700 (7)All digital dials come straight off the MT-07

Yamaha Tracer 700 (16)From what the images show, this lean looking machine uses high quality components (check out those neat pillion footpeg hangers) that further bump up the VFM quotient

Yamaha Tracer 700 (15)Gotta love those brush guards that neatly integrate the turn signals. Beyond some wind protection they don't look very functional,  but they definitely look cool!

Yamaha Tracer 700 (14)Front forks are simple right-side up units but the large radiator adds to the big bike image

Yamaha Tracer 700 (12)Going by the playfully nimble MT-07 chassis, expect the Tracer to be an entertaining handler, if a more stable one thanks to the 50mm longer wheelbase and extra weight

Yamaha Tracer 700 (11)

Yamaha Tracer 700 (10)

Yamaha Tracer 700 (8)

Yamaha Tracer 700 (9)

Yamaha Tracer 700 (13)

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