Image gallery: Shaken and Stirred January 2017

Team OD Updated: January 06, 2017, 06:27 PM IST

A team of driven, passionate and creative individuals all immersed in cars and motorcycles, as you might imagine, is not a normal working environment. Their antics, our making of story if you will, is Shaken & Stirred, the very last page in our print edition. It is usually the first page that is read when the issue arrives and now we've decided to bring it online as well. Presenting our League Of Superheroes.

Shaken n Stirred - Jan 2017 (8)Congratulations Rishaad and Priyanka! What a fetching couple you two make!

cofCongratulations Rohit and Kasturi! We like the smiles! Keep'em coming you too!

Shaken n Stirred - Jan 2017 (3)Rohit rode 118 and a half horses to his wedding!

Shaken n Stirred - Jan 2017 (9)"Let's pose like the grown-up men we are" Mody dissolves into giggles

Shaken n Stirred - Jan 2017 (7)It took four attempts to get Rishaad's bride to face the right way. Rishaad has promised to work on his communications skills.

Shaken n Stirred - Jan 2017 (1)It took many cajolings to get ex-staffer Agrima to align her head with ours. Finally we gave up

btyTeam OD at Rohit's wedding. The blessed couple are in this shot. Behind Aditya. No, really!

davFood. It has always brought Team OD together

Shaken n Stirred - Jan 2017 (6)Dibyendu offers Shumi some kisses. Now it's over. This is the end.


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