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Team OD Updated: June 16, 2016, 08:48 PM IST

Royal Enfield recently showcased two of its one-offs at the Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz, France. One of these custom bikes is called the Dirty Duck which takes a scrambler approach to things. Based on the Continental GT café racer, the Dirty Duck features a fair number of changes over its former self to stand out as a completely different beast. Almost everything on the bike is geared towards amphibious off-roading – from the tyres to the metal under plate. Even the bonkers snorkel air intake! Here's a quick look at the Dirty Duck which was displayed at the biking and surfing festival.

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (19)-2Inspiration has clearly been drawn from off-roaders. The rusted fuel tank, metal under plate lend a rugged persona

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (8)-2Even though the Dirty Duck is based on the Continental GT, the radical upgrade has no resemblance to the original cafe racer

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (5)-2Check out the similar Paioli rear shock-absorbers from the GT, meaning you can tweak your Continental GT to look like this too

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (16)-2The snorkel promotes submerged adventures on the Dirty Duck

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (10)-2Vertically stacked twin-projectors paired with a GoPro! Record your excursions while looking like the Terminator

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (9)-2The LED taillights give an eerie look to the rear

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (11)-2No clip-ons but a single piece handle bar paired with a digital cluster. Very neat

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (14)-2Accept it, that is a quirky name, but it fits the bill just right

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (6)-2

Royal Enfield Dirty Duck (13)-2


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