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Rohit Paradkar Updated: July 08, 2019, 11:49 AM IST

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is now in its third generation and packs in a lot of new-age technology like the Electronic Active Body Control, updated off-road capabilities, and new engines that claim to be more powerful, efficient and cleaner than before. The GLS 450 and the new GLS 400d are the likely contenders for India. Read our the review to find out more!

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is now in its third generation and features new-age technology under the hood that pushes the envelope further for full-size luxury SUVs

Measuring 5,207x1,956x1,823mm, the new GLS is 77mm longer, 22mm wider and 27mm shorter than the outgoing model, which measures 5,130x1,934x1,850mm

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS has a wheelbase of 3,135mm, which is a massive 60mm longer than the second-gen GLS-Class

Like the S-Class, the new GLS features three lighting elements for its day-time running lights to differentiate it from the other SUVs in the Mercedes-Benz line-up

The grille is in line with the new design theme seen on all new Mercedes-Benz SUVs and the squared slots in the grille dictate the design detailing for other elements like the scuff places and the air-con vents

The cabin features an all-new design too. It features the twin-screen layout that is now common across all new-age Mercedes-Benz Cars

The new steering as a flat-bottom design and features new adaptive cruise control switches on the wheel itself

The front row sees a 5mm improvement in headroom, and a massive 21mm increase in shoulder room. Leg room remains unchanged

The second row has a 7mm improvement in headroom, a humongous 27mm improvement in legroom, and a 3mm increase in shoulder room.

The third row isn't as roomy as the outgoing car. Headroom is unchanged, but legroom is down by 10mm, and shoulder room by 4mm

There are three new variants on the new GLS - a range topping GLS 580 petrol, a GLS 450 petrol and the diesel, which comes in the form of the GLS 400d

The GLS450 replaces the outgoing GLS400 with a new 3.0l in-line six engine that puts out 367PS/500Nm, which is punchier than the 330PS/480Nm output of the V6 in the outgoing GLS400

The new engine in the GLS 450 is mated to an integrated starter generator (ISG) which adds an additional 22PS/250Nm as and when the engine requires a boost under heavy load conditions. It is called 'EQ Boost' in Mercedes-Benz speak and acts like a torque-fill function seen on most new-age hybrids

The GLS 400d replaces the current GLS 350d. It features a new, 330PS/700Nm 3.0l in-line six engine, that trumps the 3.0l V6 in the 350d, which is good for 255PS/620Nm

The GLS 400d misses out on the EQ Boost, but more than makes up for it with the 700Nm of torque which is available from as low as 1,200rpm

Air-suspension is standard on the GLS and there is the optional Electronic Active Body Control active suspension which comes courtesy of a 48V electronic system

The E-ABC helps the GLS is maintaining a flat ride through corners, while the Surface Scan function helped it make quick amusements to the suspension damping to maintain a flat and supple ride

The E-ABC also features a Curve Control function that allows the GLS to 'tilt' into a corner by up to three degrees for better composure, thus eliminating body roll

The E-ABC allows the user, individual control over all the four corners, and either of the corners can then be raised by up to 60mm!

The individual wheel control of the E-ABC is a boon when articulating over rocks or undulations like these

As before, the GLS features a centre differential lock and low-range ratios

The new GLS has an approach angle of 29.4°, departure angle of 25.7°, breaker angle of 21.8° and a water wading capability of 600mm

The new GLS also presents the driver with an off-road score - a fine piece of infotainment to go with the off-road expeditions!

The new GLS is also more capable off the road than before, and the E-ABC helps big in that regard too

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