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Image gallery: 2016 Honda CBR250RR

Team OD  | Updated: July 28, 2016, 01:53 PM IST

Honda has showcased the new CBR250RR based on the Light Weight Super Sports Concept in Indonesia. The company has unveiled the concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda CBR250RR is powered by an all-new 249.7cc parallel twin engine that puts out 38PS of power. While Honda might not bring the CBR250RR in India anytime soon, it is expected to arrive in Japan this year followed by its debut in the Europe and US markets. Get all the details of the new Honda CBR250RR here.

Honda CBR250RRA quartet of LEDs leads the way for the Honda CBR250RR

Honda CBR250RR right sideThe Honda CBR250RR owes much of its styling to the Light Weight Super Sports Concept. The design uses ultra-aggressive slashes and flat planes to create a very Italian sort of design

Honda CBR250RR RedThis is the red colourway for the Honda CBR250RR. It looks friendlier in this and vastly more menacing in grey. Note cool stacked exhaust shapes

Honda CBR250RR front viewThe front view, especially with all the graphics, looks a bit busy on the new Honda CBR250RR

Honda CBR250RR red, side viewThe Honda CBR250RR goes on sale in Indonesia and is only expected to go on sale in Japan this year. More markets next year

Honda CBR250RR rear viewThe Honda CBR250RR is perhaps the most aggressively styled Honda we have ever seen. Could this be the sort of design that's coming on the new Fireblade due later this year?

Honda CBR250RR engine detailThe engine is an all-new liquid-cooled, 8-valve parallel twin that produces 38PS at 12,000rpm. Honda says the engine uses packaging ideas from the RC213V to create an engine as wide as a conventional single

Honda CBR250RRThe base frame is a steel trellis with a beefy pivot plate and a slinky rear subframe. The engine is a stressed member of the frame

Honda CBR250RR intrumentsIsn't that cool? The dark blue lighting and the white text and graphics make for a modern, cool instrument cluster. Note the bike is in comfort mode and there is a lap timer function visible

Honda CBR250RR Left side switch detailThe right switchgear includes the usual light controls plus a switch that looks like it work with a lap timer function

Honda CBR250RR instrument clusterThe simple looking instrument panel is all-digital and extremely compact

Honda CBR250RR rear detailThe rear wheel wears a 140/17-17 tubeless tyre with a 240mm single disc. ABS is optional

Honda CBR250RR swingarm detailIs that carbon fibre? Chances are it is textured plastic, but the Honda CBR250RR is full of lovely details that remind you of European motorcycles

Swingarm detailHonda calls its aluminium swingarm a 'gull arm' implying that the right side is pinched to allow the exhaust to be placed closer to the bike for handling as well as cornering clearance

Honda CBR250RR detailThe Honda CBR250RR's sculpted twin exhausts look very cool. The three slashes are details a lot of Aprilias have though

Honda CBR250RR exhaust detailThe twin stacked exhaust is probably a detail born out of the Euro-IV requirements. But Honda's CBR250RR has the classiest version of the twin exhaust we have seen yet

Honda CBR250RR seat detailThat is the single-seat cowl on the Honda CBR250RR

Honda CBR250RR head lightsA quartet of LEDs leads the way for the Honda CBR250RR

Honda CBR250RRCheck out those cool LED indicators on the Honda CBR250RR

Honda CBR250RR side viewThe Honda CBR250RR owes much of its styling to the Light Weight Super Sports Concept. The design uses ultra-aggressive slashes and flat planes to create a very Italian sort of design

Honda CBR250RR Red Front-end shot, from the sideNote the ABS system's speed pick-up ring on the front rim. ABS, however, is optional. From this angle, it is hard to tell how small the motorcycle really is

Honda CBR250RR switch detailSimple swichgear on the left only has the engine kill switch (the head light is always on). Note the etched Throttle-By-Wire text on the unit

Honda CBR250RR rearJust look at the aggressive panels that are all over the Honda CBR250RR. The tail unit looks stunning and for a small motorcycle, the CBR250RR has some very cool details

Honda CBR250RR front fork, brake and tyreThe front brake is a 310mm Nissin unit mounted to the 37mm Showa USD fork. The tyre is a tubeless 110/70-17

Honda CBR250RR fork capShowa supplies the front 37mm upside-down fork which is non-adjustable

Honda CBR250RR detailThe Honda CBR250RR gets throttle by wire which allows Honda to offer three riding modes. Traction control is not listed. ABS is optional

Honda CBR250RR top viewLook at those extensions on the top of the tank! Honda's new CBR250RR is so aggressively styled! That is a 14.4-litre tank

Honda CBR250RR front viewThe new Honda CBR250RR gets all-LED illumination

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