Hybrid Kinetic K350 concept is the second Pininfarina design to be teased ahead of Beijing

Team OD Updated: April 13, 2018, 10:26 AM IST

A day after the teaser for the Hybrid Kinetic H500 sedan concept was released, another Pininfarina design, the Hybrid Kinetic K350 concept has been shown by the company. The Hybrid Kinetic K350 is a crossover SUV concept which will make its debut at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show on April 25. This is the third Hybrid Kinetic SUV concept to come out of the partnership between Hybrid Kinetic and Pininfarina. The two companies have yet to release technical details about the upcoming the crossover SUV, but we believe that it could have the same range-extended electric powertrain as the H500 sedan. Past concepts suggest this powertrain could use a turbine to generate electricity.

The K350 crossover SUV appears to be smaller than the K550 and K750 SUV concepts showcased by the companies last year. The compact dimensions also bring with them a more stylish design. The K350 has a more coue-like stance thanks to the rear latch leaning forward. The two companies have an large lineup of concepts between them. These include three SUVs, two sedan, and a coupe. However, production timelines of none of these concepts have been confirmed as yet. We will have to wait till the Beijing Motor Show to know more about them.


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