Honda Hness CB350, CB350 RS now available with custom accessory packs

Gajanan Kashikar Published: March 06, 2023, 04:51 PM IST

Japanese two-wheeler maker Honda has launched six custom accessory packs for its Hness CB350 and CB350 RS with prices starting at Rs 7,500. For the Hness CB350, the brand offers Cafe Racer, Tourer, Comfort, and Solo Carrier kits, while the CB350 RS can be fitted with Cafe Racer and SUV packs.

Honda Hness CB350 Comfort package

Priced at Rs 16,500, the Comfort kit for the Hness CB350 comprises cushioned rider and pillion seats, a pillion backrest, a tall windscreen, hand guards, saddle stays, and large footpegs.

Honda Hness CB350 Tourer package

Like the Comfort kit, the Tourer package for the Hness CB350 also offers the cushioned rider and pillion seats, a tall windscreen, hand guards, pannier and tail bag mounts, and large footpegs. However, it gets a rear luggage rack mount instead of a pillion backrest. The Tourer pack is more expensive than the Confort pack by Rs 1,100. Hence it costs Rs 17,600.

Honda Hness CB350 Cafe Racer package

Unlike the Comfort and Tourer kits, the Cafe Racer pack consists of a headlight cowl with a visor, a new single seat, a body-coloured rear cowl, new graphics on the fuel tank, and stripes on the rims. However, it misses out on a clip-on style handlebar. Meanwhile, the Cafe Racer pack is the most expensive among others and thus costs Rs 22,200.

Honda Hness CB350 Solo Carrier package

The Solo Carrier kit gets a small visor, a rear luggage mounting rack, wheel stripes, and the same single seat as the Cafe Racer pack. With this, Honda offers the Solo Carrier package for Rs 16,200.

Honda CB350 RS Cafe Racer package

The two-wheeler maker also provides the Cafe Racer custom pack with the CB350 RS, which features a headlight cowl and visor, a rear seat cowl, a single seat, coloured wheel stripes, and a regular single seat in black. 

Honda CB350 RS SUV package

The CB350 RS can also be outfitted with an SUV pack, which costs Rs 7,500. This kit comprises coloured stripes on the alloy wheels, knuckle guards, a small visor, and pannier and tail bag mounts. It should be noted that every kit also includes fork gaiters and an engine sump guard.