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Hero Motorsports team scales up its 'Rally Life Navigator' initiative

Team OD  | Updated: May 22, 2020, 09:42 AM IST

Hero Motorsports Team Rally has introduced a unique digital initiative for rally enthusiasts that focuses on navigation, a key skill required in rally sport. It is open for everyone and it includes video tutorials and competitions that help participants in learning basic road-book skills while virtually exploring international rally destinations while staying at their homes. Hero Motorsports will be hosting 'The Marathon' which is the most adventure challenge in the series on May 23 and 24. Three challenges were held before and it involved participants virtually navigating through the Dakar 2017 track covering 89 km of fast-piste in Paraguay for the first challenge, the second challenge had the participants travelling 105 km through the mixed terrain of Morocco and the third challenge made participants go through 92 km in dunes of Jaisalmer with multiple stages of The Desert Storm Rally.

It will be a multi-location round at real-world rally tracks for an enhanced experience at a moderate difficulty level. The initiative has already witnessed an overwhelming welcome with nearly 1000 global registration for eigh road-book training sessions and three competitive navigation challenges. The participants who are interested can register themselves on the official website -

Wolfgang Fischer, Head at Hero MotoSports Team Rally said, "The 'Rally Life Navigator' is an interactive virtual platform for the global rally fan community to learn, engage in and digitally experience the rally life, especially in the current situation. The initiative aids the navigation journey of motorsport enthusiasts with tutorial videos, commonly used lexicons and training road-books using digital mapping. We are sure that the challenge will not only give the participants a rider's perspective, but also build their appetite to experience the rally-life in the real world."

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