Helmet cameras are now a punishable offence in Kerala

Kenneth John Updated: August 08, 2022, 11:51 AM IST

The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) of Kerala has ordered that people who mount a camera on their helmets while operating a two-wheeler have their driving privileges suspended for three months. Additionally, a Rs 1,000 fine will be assessed. The incident is being handled against the backdrop of crashes brought on by drivers wearing helmet cams.

According to the Kerala MVD, attaching cameras to helmets alters the structure of the helmet, which might lead to subpar performance and injury to the person using the helmet with the camera attached. The MVD also claims that several motorcyclists who were using cameras in their helmets at the time of the collisions suffered injuries.

The motorcyclists who record of their rides would be impacted by the ban on helmet cameras, and it would remove video evidence in the event that they are in an accident.  In to prove their innocence to witnesses and in the event of an accident, drivers and riders frequently use footage from their cameras. Mounting the cameras on the motorcycles itself might be a solution for the riders in Kerala. Although MVD could object, it is less probable. Riders have also considered mounting cameras on their riding jackets.

A year after the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department originally suggested such a ban, there will now be a strict crackdown on helmet cams. The Kerala MVD claimed that utilizing helmet cams distracted motorcyclists and caused accidents when the proposed ban on them was brought up last year. The justification for prohibiting helmet cameras this time is entirely different.