Hat-trick for Hemant Mudappa at Round 1 of National Drag Racing Championship

Team OD Published: July 10, 2018, 10:59 PM IST

The first round of the 2018 MMSC FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship was held at the Madras Motor Racing Track last weekend.

Hemant Mudappa of Bangalore, competing with Mantra Racing, who impressed last year with multiple wins in the championship returned to his victorious ways. Not only did he win in the championship's premier class, the Super Sport Unrestricted class, but he racked up two other wins as well. He topped the 1051 cc and above class, as well as the 851-1050 cc categories.

Full results of Round 1 can be found below:

Super Sport Unrestricted:
1. Hemant Mudappa 08.589sec
2. Hafizullah Khan 08.598sec
3. Manohar BN 09.285sec

4-Stroke – 1051cc and above:
1. Hemant Mudappa 08.762sec
2. Hafizullah Khan 09.063sec

1. Hemant Mudappa 08.538sec
2. Anosh Khumbatta 08.987sec
3. Manohar BN 09.252sec

1. Aswin Kumar R 12.903sec
2. Kevin Seetharaman 13.238sec
3. Antony Peter 13.350sec

Up to 165cc:
1. Jagan Kumar 14.210sec
2. Aravind Ganesh 14.482sec
3. Gowtham R 15.096sec

1. Harshil Thakur 14.536sec
2. Vaibhav Mathre 14.657)sec
3. Sameer Ali 15.103sec

2-Stroke – Up to 130cc:
1. Hussain Khan 14.409sec
2. Aravind Ganesh 14.595)sec
3. Syed Nadeem 14.598sec

1. Hussain Khan 12.706sec
2. Md Touheed 13.310sec
3. Aiyaz 13.337sec


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