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Harley-Davidson riders take out a rally in support of child rights in India

Team OD  | Updated: April 01, 2014, 11:28 AM IST

A group of 20 Harley Davidson riders took to the streets of Delhi to voice their support for child rights and also to make the general public vote for the party that supports child rights in the upcoming general elections of 2014. The rally was part of a larger nationwide campaign organized by CRY (India's leading child rights organization) called 'Vote for child rights' which has been going on since November 13, 2013.

The rally started from Gurgaon's Cyber hub and went all the way to India Gate and back, effectively covering a distance of around 50 kilometres. Volunteers from CRY also performed a flash mob to grab the public's attention and raise awareness over the issue. Drummers from 'World of Talent' thrilled the audience with a captivating display at Gurgaon's Cyber hub.


The campaign aims to reduce child rights violations by getting the political parties to recognize children as rights holders and thus ensuring that they provide the relevant care needed to give these young ones a happy and creative childhood.

The campaign has seen a lot of activity. Bike rallies, flash mobs and even press conferences have been organized along with support from various influential personalities, to highlight the current plight of children in India. A pledge signing drive has also been going on and is currently at a figure of 1.5 million pledges across the country, this is indicative of the success that the campaign has achieved so far.

Harley-Davidson ride for CRY

Gurgaon, 30th March: India's leading Child Rights organisation CRY- Child Rights and You organised an event at Gurgaon's Cyber Hub to spread awareness on the need for "Putting children first" during 2014 general elections. The event saw a group of 20 Harley Davidson bikers demonstrating their commitment towards Child Rights. The 50 KM rally was flagged off from Cyber Hub, Gurgaon and went on till India Gate and back to remind politicians and government in power that it is their obligation to undertake all measures in protecting and promoting child rights. The event at Cyber Hub was unique in nature, with drummers from World of Talent performing to highlight the importance of putting children's rights in the manifestos of political parties and urge the general public to vote for a party that does so. Volunteers from CRY- Child Rights and You also performed a flash mob to raise awareness about the issue. In the last 34 years, we have witnessed the grass root realities of children in India – on various sectors be it education, malnutrition, health or protection. The reality is alarming and it needs our greater attention. The event was a part of CRY's nationwide Vote for Child Rights campaign that started on November 13, 2013. It included activities ranging from signing pledges from the general public to getting prominent personalities from across India to support the campaign, to organising events like press conferences, flash mobs and bike rally to showcase the current state of Child Rights in India. A staggering 1.5 million pledges have been collected from across the country signifying the support to the cause of child rights. The campaign believes that India's children, who account for one third of the population, deserve the collective demonstration of commitment towards child rights. It also calls for action to express zero tolerance towards violation of child rights so that every child can be assured of a happy, healthy and creative childhood. That can happen only if children are recognised as rights holders and people in power remain committed towards providing care, protection, essential services and opportunities to each and every child.

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