Greaves Electric Mobility to unveil design inspiration for next electric products at Auto Expo 2023

Kenneth John Updated: January 03, 2023, 03:57 PM IST

Greaves Electric Mobility has revealed the design inspiration for its upcoming electric two-and three-wheelers, poised for unveiling at Auto Expo 2023. The beautiful and longest-living bird, the "Arctic Tern," serves as the inspiration for Greaves' next line of electric vehicles.

The angular, wide wings with pointed ends that enable the Tern to hover in the air and gracefully glide through the sky are one of the design's primary elements. This has motivated GEMPL to seamlessly combine very efficient design, environmentally friendly technology, and the production of emissions-free goods.

Similar aerodynamic effectiveness, sleek aesthetics, and lightweight form factors, which are crucial for an EV's ideal performance and enjoyment, have been included in the new array of EV goods.

Another crucial factor is technology and how it affects navigation since the Arctic Tern is adept at long-distance flight navigation and sensitive to the earth's magnetic fields. Future EVs will be equipped with intelligent navigation systems that have simple UI/UX.

Both the electric 2-wheeler and electric 3-wheeler markets are well-represented by GEMPL. Ampere is a rapidly expanding e-scooter brand in the nation that is well-known in both the B2C and B2B markets within the category of electric 2-wheelers.