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Google Maps update warns you of speed trap cameras

Team OD  | Updated: March 20, 2019, 06:06 PM IST

Google Maps has been rolling periodic updates to make the travelling experience of everyone more convenient by the day. In a recent update, the world's most trusted navigation software, has enabled detecting speed trap cameras a couple of kilometres ahead in your route. In addition to that, Google maps will also have a red icon indication to alert the user about any accident ahead, so as to let the user take another route.

This latest update on Google Maps works courtesy reporting with the help of commuters travelling via this route. One can see the reporting indicated by a blue icon stating the number along with the date of reporting. Similarly, in case of accident sighting, users can report the same on Google Maps and alert other travellers of the incident. However, in some instances, it is seen that roads going through Metro constructions are also being shown as accidental locations in Mumbai, which we believe is also helpful for everyone to plan their route accordingly.

Google Maps' latest update will not just help road users avoid paying fines but also make travelling a safer experience by alerting the drivers on maintaining a safe speed. Google Maps, for now, has rolled this update only for Android devices while iOS devices will be getting it shortly. What are the other features that you would want to see on Google Maps?


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