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Godrej MotorMate launched in India at Rs 2,499

Team OD  | Published: May 19, 2014, 09:00 AM IST

There has been an increase in car accessories and valuables being stolen from parked cars. To prevent this from happening in the future, Godrej Smart Solutions (GSS) has unveiled 'MotorMate' a security product for car owners.

MotorMate acts like a safe to protect valuables like cash, wallets, mobile phones, keys and debit/credit cards etc. It is portable and easy to secure. Due to its compact size, it can be hidden anywhere in the car.


The gadget also allows a wire to pass through it, so that it doesn't act as an obstacle while charging cell phones, cameras, etc. It has a soft case that helps to prevent valuables from physical damage and a brushed aluminium cover to hide scratches on the case.

Priced at Rs 2,499, 'MotorMate' is available at existing general trade channels, modern trade outlets and car accessory stores. It is also available at various online shopping portals like HomeShop18, amazon, snapdeal, shopclues, etc.

Godrej MotorMate press release

Secure your valuables on the move – India's first car safe 'MOTORMATE' from the house of Godrej Security Solutions - Ideal for storing small electronic devices, cash, debit/credit cards, wallets, keys etc. - Godrej Security Solutions marks its entry into the auto sector with safes for cars. New Delhi, May 15 2014: Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), one of India's leading providers of comprehensive security solutions, today unveiled MOTORMATE, a pioneering security product for car owners. With the increase in the number of car thefts in India, a product like a car safe is the perfect option to secure valuables. This revolutionary product is specially designed to protect valuables such as cash, wallets, mobiles phones, debit / credit cards etc. on the go. MOTORMATE is the perfect gadget to keep valuables safe in the car while at a mall, at work or on the road. The safe, that is easy to secure and portable and can be hidden anywhere in the car making it a functional accessory that safe keeps your valuables in the car. Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head - Marketing, Godrej Security Solutions said, "At GSS, we have always believed in foreseeing and anticipating consumers' needs and requirements. It is natural for car owners to leave their cars unmanned on the road or at parking lots at malls, offices, other public places. Thieves today target car owners who leave valuables like cash, wallets, GPS systems, debit/credit cards behind in the car's glove-box. The glove-box is usually flimsy and can be broken with simple instruments. This situation gets car owners concerned about the security of their valuables when they are on the move. To address this anxiety and counter unauthorized access, after extensive consumer insights, Godrej Security Solutions launched MOTORMATE - a reliable way to protect valuables inside a car in the absence of its owner. We felt this was the right time to launch MOTORMATE in India as there is a potential market for the same." Some of the features of MOTORMATE: ? Easy to secure: The multi strand, braided steel that comes with the safe makes it easy and safe to attach to various reinforcements, handles, hinges, pillars, legs etc. ? Portable: The safe can be used with and without the cable which makes it a portable safe ? Charging : The safe allows the wire to pass through, so that you can charge your mobile, camera and other electronic gadgets ? Easy access: The side-slide opening allows you to access the safe properly unlike the hinged cover ? Compact: The dimensions are so considered in order to hide the safe in various secret place inside a car ? Storage: The volume inside the safe can efficiently accommodate your mobile, camera, keys, wallets/purses, cash, debit/credit cards, detachable car stereo etc. ? Soft case: The flocked case prevents the valuables secured inside it from scratches, abrasions or any other physical damage ? Brushed aluminum cover: The brushed aluminum case is so designed to hide scratches pertaining on the safe due to usage MOTORMATE is priced at Rs 2,499/- and is ideal for use in cars, SUVs, trucks, caravans etc. It comes with an array of user friendly features which makes it an absolute necessity for any car owner to have. MOTORMATE is available in most of the leading cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Hyderabad to name a few. In addition to these, it is also available in 12 cities throughout India. MOTORMATE is available at existing general trade channels, modern trade outlets (M.T.O), company owned company operated stores (C.O.C.O) and car accessories shops. MOTORMATE is also available online on shopping portals like HomeShop18, Amazon, Snapdeal, Naaptol, Indiatimes Shopping, Shopclues etc.


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