Getting diesel cars registered in Delhi may be an issue soon

Team OD Published: December 13, 2015, 07:47 PM IST

The national capital has been buzzing with policies and decisions regarding diesel vehicles. There are multiple measures being undertaken to bring down the growing pollution levels caused by vehicles. The odd-even rule which allows the usage of cars according to their registration number is one such measure. Since nothing of this sort has ever been done in India until now, the policy will be employed for a 15-day trial period starting from January 1, 2016 for two weeks.

Maruti Celerio diesel (10)

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has raised questions regarding the practicality of this experimental rule. According to NGT, this will further encourage people to buy two cars adding to the already present traffic and pollution woes. Delhi Government has assured solving the crisis by increasing the numbers and frequency of public transportation.

The NGT has also recommended stopping registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi and has advised State and Central governments to refrain from buying diesel cars. According to their recommendation, diesel cars which are more than 10 years old should not be registered or allowed on the streets of the national capital. However, this is an interim stand till a final decision is taken on January 6, 2016. The tribunal has also demanded a phase out plan from government bodies to discontinue their existing range of diesel vehicles.

This development hasn't gone down too well with numerous auto makers who have invested heavily in diesel engine technology to reduce its emissions. They believe that diesel is one of the most efficient fuel options and has up to 25 – 30 per cent lower CO2 emissions. The shift from diesel to petrol will further increase CO2 emissions, will add to the consumption of fossil fuels and compromise the country's energy security. Manufacturers also state that such small time measures will not help in tackling the air pollution problem as it needs a larger road map based on properly calculated scientific data to tackle all sources of pollutants.

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