Fuel prices cut for the first time in over a year

Tuhin Guha Published: March 25, 2021, 10:49 AM IST

There finally seems to be some cheer for drivers and fuel prices across the country have now been cut for two straight days. After prices of petrol and diesel reached all-time highs across the country earlier this month, and with crude oil prices dropping in the last few days the government has passed on this benefit to consumers.

The first cut came yesterday, March 24, when petrol prices were reduced to Rs 90.99 per litre in Delhi from Rs 91.17 per litre while diesel prices dropped from Rs 81.47 to Rs 81.30. In Mumbai, prices dropped to Rs 97.40 from Rs 97.57 for petrol while for diesel, the prices were reduced to Rs 88.42 from Rs 88.60.

Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash

Following up on this, prices have been cut to a similar degree today, March 25. Rates have dropped by 18 to 21p for petrol and 20 to 22p for diesel across the country. In Mumbai, petrol is now priced at Rs 97.19 per litre. The fuel costs Rs 90.78 in Delhi, Rs 92.77 in Chennai and Rs 90.98 in Kolkata. Diesel is priced at Rs 88.20 in Mumbai, Rs 81.10 in Delhi, Rs 86.10 in Chennai and Rs 83.98 in Kolkata.

The hike in fuel prices over the last year had come as a measure to shore up revenue for the government during the COVID19 pandemic and to help fund the various initiatives put in place to fight the pandemic.


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