FMSCI Awards 2014: Indian National TSD Rally Championship

Team OD Updated: May 07, 2014, 12:25 PM IST

The Time Speed Distance Rally has come a long way in India, various events take place every year and it was high time the FMSCI decided to start a championship.

With talented drivers and navigators as well as teams from around the country taking part, the championship proved to be as successful one.

sujit and chiduThe pro stock category winners driver Chidananda Murthy and co-driver Sujith Kumar

There were two categories namely, Pro Expert and Pro Stock. The Pro Expert class allows teams and drivers to modify their vehicles while the stock category as the name says, is only for competitors taking part in stock machines. The latter saw a number of first time entries and this only means interesting TSD rallying is growing very year.

In the Pro stock category, rally driver Chidananda Murthy who has also taken part in the INRC claimed the title and was  honoured at the awards ceremony. Meanwhile, the navigator who plays a very important role especially in a TSD rally was also awarded. In the Pro Stock class, Sujith Kumar finished the season with the highest points and as a result claimed the title.

In the Pro Expert class, Karthick Maruthi finished on the podium consistently to win the top class in the championship. He also went on to win the overall National TSD Championship and so walked away with two trophies. Karthick's navigator, Sankar went on to finish on top in the Pro Stock class and also the National TSD Championship. The Erode-based duo, walked away with four awards.

TSD Rally Championship awardee list

FMSCI Indian National TSD Rally Championship 4W #colspan#
1 K.P. Karthick Maruthi
2 S. Sankar Anand
3 K.P. Karthick Maruthi
4 S. Sankar Anand
5 Chidananda Murthy
6 Sujith Kumaar B.S.
FMSCI Indian National TSD Rally Championship 4W #colspan#
1 TSD National Champion Driver
2 TSD National Champion Navigator
3 TSD Champion Driver Pro Expert
4 TSD Champion Navigator Pro Expert
5 TSD Champion Driver Pro Stock
6 TSD Champion Navigator Pro Stock


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