Five car features that actually work

Team OD Updated: April 07, 2020, 12:12 PM IST

A big part of choosing the right car for you needs revolves around the kinds of features you might want it to come with. But with feature-lists becoming ever longer, and car-makers trying to one-up each other by catering to your every current and future need, it can become a bit difficult to see through the clutter. So we've tried to make it a bit easier for you, the next time you are shopping for a car, these features are the ones to look out for.

LED headlamps

A full LED headlamp is an expensive option usually, received largely on the top-specced versions of cars that already cost over Rs 10 lakh. But they are something you need to seriously consider. They let you see out into the road much better than a halogen or a projector unit. LED headlamps are brighter, and have a longer and wider throw, letting you spot an obstacle much earlier.

Digital instrumentation

With touchscreens becoming the norm in the car world, the next frontier for digitization is the driver's instrument cluster. These, even the semi-digital ones, work very well. They usually do the job of displaying a lot of information logically to the driver. Also, they can be configured to focus on just the information that the driver wants to see, if they don't like being distracted all to much. Further they are usually much easier to see while on the move.

Connected-car tech

The proliferation of on-board SIM-based connected car services have been one of the big talking pints of the Indian car market over the past. Numerous car-makers have come up with systems that let you remotely geo-fence your car, get trip history, remotely control functions like air-conditioning, engine start-stop and use a voice-assitant to control features while on the move. These have made cars safer than ever, along with making interactions with them easier than ever before.

PM 2.5 air purifiers

Another feature very useful in these times are the on-board PM 2.5 filters that some manufacturers have begun supplying their cars with. These control the AQI in the car, a necessity in our country now given the very unhealthy levels of air pollution in our cities. PM 2.5 is one of the main culprits of respiratory illnesses and these units help you filter them out.

Powered seats

Finding the current driving position is a tricky aspect of driving, its also very important that you be comfortable behind the wheel for you to remain safe. Powered seats help here because they make find this right position very easy. They also offer much more adjustable that a regular seat, so you can tailor you driving position to your needs without any compromise


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