Ferraris to come with up to 12 years of warranty

Team OD Published: April 11, 2014, 12:19 PM IST

Ferrari has announced an extended warranty programme which will cover its cars for up to 12 years. This is applicable from the first registration and is valid even after a vehicle is sold. Ferrari now has a total of three warranty schemes on offer - up to four years of standard manufacturer warranty, a one year extended warranty, and the new power warranty option that enables a customer to enjoy 6-12 years of warranty.

Essentially once the original warranty of the car lapses, which may be between the first four years, the customer can choose to extend it for another year which is again a factory backed cover. The 'New Power Warranty', which covers the car up to 12 years, can be renewed on yearly basis and also includes cars which have never been part of any warranty extensions provided by the company.

Additionally, customers renewing the power warranty also get a 15 per cent renewal incentive year-on-year plus an additional 15 per cent incentive if no warranty was claimed the previous year.


Moreover, all new Ferrari cars come with a comprehensive free seven year maintenance programme which ensures that the cars are serviced according to the company's high standards. This, Ferrari says, will help maintain the value of the cars over time.

The extended service cover for the Ferrari cars is applicable in North America from May 1, 2014.

Ferrari's new extended warranty press release

Maranello, 10 April 2014 – Ferrari announces yet another first for an automotive manufacturer: extended warranty cover that offers peace of mind for owners of Ferraris up to the 12th year of the vehicle's life*. The warranty scheme is divided into two programmes: Extension of Manufacturer's Warranty. Ferrari now offers the possibility of extending the all-inclusive factory-backed warranty by up to one year for a total of five years of cover New Power Warranty. Ferrari has extended the existing level of factory-backed cover up until the 12th year from first registration. Not only is the scheme the most flexible of its kind, but it is also the most complete. Renewable annually, the New Power Warranty can, subsequent to technical verifications, be applied to cars that have not been covered by previous warranty extensions provided by Ferrari. Special conditions are also available for clients renewing the New Power warranty: a 15 per cent renewal incentive year-on-year an additional 15 per cent incentive if no warranty work was carried out the previous year. How the New Power Warranty scheme works: ACTIVATION YEAR 1-4 5 6-12 WARRANTY PROGRAMME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY EXTENSION OF MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY NEW POWER WARRANTY Ferrari's New Power Warranty is just the latest addition to a complete range of aftersales services which are the most comprehensive of any currently on the market. Along with the manufacturer four-year warranty**, all new Ferraris come with a free, seven-year Genuine Maintenance programme designed to ensure that cars are serviced to the highest standards and maintain their value over time. N.B. The Ferrari Power Warranty is a factory-backed warranty; it is not provided by a third party insurer. *Extended service cover will be available in North America from the 1st of May 2014 **Standard manufacturer warranty periods may differ from market to market ends…


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