Ferrari 296 Challenge revealed without the hybrid powertrain

Kenneth John Updated: October 30, 2023, 12:18 PM IST

The Ferrari 296 Challenge is a track-only model of the 296 GTB. It will replace the 488 Challenge Evo in the four FIA-homologated Ferrari Challenge championships (North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Japan). The freshly disclosed sports vehicle features several revisions, tweaks, and enhancements that may appeal to a large target group this time.

Maranello has dropped the hybrid system for maintenance and weight concerns, but it has improved the power output of the V6 with GT3-derived technology. Power is now up to 700PS at 7,500rpm and torque is 740Nm.

Aerodynamics have been a key priority for the engineering development, as they were for the non-homologated racers before it, resulting in downforce statistics that are reported to be unprecedented in Ferrari's race series - largely achieved with a carbon fibre, body-width rear spoiler that sits higher than the roofline.

The removal of the hybrid system has resulted in substantial weight reductions over the road vehicle; the 296 GTB now weighs 1470kg, while the Challenge weighs just 1330kg. The majority of this is due to the elimination of the hybrid system, with the remainder due to replacement plastic and aluminium parts (rather than carbon fibre ones) and a 3kg lighter brake system.

The supercar has an aero kit that contributes to more than 870 kg of downforce at 250 kmph. This time, the corporation has added several innovative features that improve the whole driving experience.

ABS EVO Track, a customized adaption of the groundbreaking technology initially seen on the 296 GTB, makes its debut on the vehicle. The inclusion of new CCM-R PLUS brake discs improves both braking performance and consistency. New, specially engineered Pirelli 19" tyres have also significantly improved the car's handling and performance.

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