Yamaha FZ-S Fi version 2.0 long term review: After 10 months and 13,270km

Jatin Joshi Published: June 13, 2015, 04:38 PM IST

After my ride to Goa, I had become confident that the FZ is very comfortable for long distance touring. The strong build and capable chassis make it comfortable and confident on the highways. This time, I planned to head to Nashik, but before that the bike was in need of a service. The noise from the handlebar had resumed and the chain seemed to be at the end of its life (I am partly to blame for this since it may not have been lubricated as often as required). At the service the bike got a new cone set, fresh brake shoes and the chain sprocket set was also replaced. Yamaha also felt the need to replace the wheel bearings 'to be safe'. The total job cost Rs 4,129 of which about Rs 3,000 was for the parts and the rest for the service. The result was a refreshed and happy bike.

Yamaha FZ-S

The roads from Mumbai to Nashik are fantastic - straight and lightly trafficked smooth tar surface with a landscape view. Although Pune and Nashik are nearly the same distance from my place in Borivali, the beautiful scenery on the way to Nashik beckons one to take a ride. I took a pit stop before Kasara Ghats just to take in the splendid beauty of it all. Although I was riding for three hours I was hardly fatigued.
After spending the weekend in Nashik. Monday morning and work had me directing the FZ towards our office. I left early morning from Nashik. With a cruising speed of around 100kmph, I reached office well on time. The FZ has been a great companion for these long rides.

Total mileage: 13,270km Date acquired: Aug'14 This month: Mileage 4,995km Fuel 112 litres Efficiency 44.7kmpl

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