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Brand Connect  | Updated: October 19, 2020, 06:45 PM IST

There's always that one car that you've had your sights on but has just been out of reach so far. Now that you've made up your mind about it, you realize that there are quite a few pitfalls between making this decision and actually having this car in your parking space. With the used car market being a largely unorganized space with few reliable brands that you can trust worry-free, you have to navigate a ton of questions and doubts. Am I paying a fair price? What happens if the car is not well-maintained, or breaks down very soon after I buy it? Another big concern is finding an easy way to finance this dream.

Das WeltAuto(DWA) seems like an answer to all these problems. The used car arm of Volkswagen India, DWA carries the backing of one of the world's most reputed car brands. Every car passing through DWA is treated with the same attention to detail and quality control that Volkswagen cars are so famous for. Every car passing through DWA is first subjected to a rigorous inspection, according to Das WeltAuto global standards but adapted to Indian needs. The refurbishment needed after this is carried out by highly trained personnel. This is a fully digitized process with over 160 steps covering 13 key areas of the car. An Evaluator App with subdivided processes is used by evaluators so that each car receives equal care.

The personnel at DWA undergo rigorous training at VW Group academies, where everything from evaluating a car, arriving at a fair price, world-class technical knowledge and soft skills are imparted. Every DWA Certified car comes with either a 6-month or 1-year warranty, so peace-of-mind is a guarantee. The backing of a large manufacturer also lets DWA offer financing options to its customers. Just like buying a new car, you can get upto 90 per cent financing and tailor-made financing schemes to suit your budget.

There are even more benefits if you want to upgrade to a Volkswagen car on DWA.  The car assessment and valuation is done for free in such instances. Also, there are exclusive offers and benefits for new Volkswagen buyers.

DWA is also concerned about your health in these times of COVID19 and offers a comprehensive contactless experience. The DWA online presence includes the Das WeltAuto Valuator app enables customers to evaluate their current car at home themselves, and get an accurate valuation. On the DWA website, customers can choose from a pool of cars available at their choice of dealership across the country. They can reserve cars by bidding on them, after which they will be contacted by the respective dealer. With the complete documentation, evaluation and refurbishment reports available to buyers, this is a fully transparent, easy-to-navigate process. These advantages also make DWA the best platform to sell your used car in, with a hassle-free transfer of ownership and quick disbursement process.

Since its inception in 2012 in India, DWA has rapidly grown from 6 outlets to 105 in 2020. To further enhance customer experience, five DWA Excellence Centres have been set up, which will increase to 17 over the next year. Over 10,000 people chose DWA in 2020, a number that has grown between 20 to 25 per cent consistently, showing DWA to be brand that people trust. If you are interested in buying/selling a car on Das WeltAuto, head to


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