Video worth watching: Making the Ferrari F40

Team OD Updated: November 11, 2016, 08:00 PM IST

The Ferrari F40 is one of the most iconic supercars in the world. Envisioned by the company's founder Enzo Ferrari, the F40 was built to commemorate Ferrari's 40th anniversary. Styled by Italian design house Pininfarina, the F40's shape was purpose-built to reduce drag as well as improve aerodynamics. The car has a drag co-efficient (Cd) of 0.34 which is pretty impressive even now. It got a turbocharged V8 motor that develops 478PS and 577Nm, astonishing figures in those days, and even now. But what made the F40 a legend is the way the car handled and the unadulterated sensations one felt behind the wheel.

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Enzo Ferrari took keen interest in developing the car. In this video, you'll watch him speak about his passion for cars, racing and the F40 supercar. At one point, he says, "Today we are not looking for absolute speed but instant speed." That was the company's vision in 1987!

There are shots of the F40 on the production line, being hand-built meticulously. Another shot shows the shop floor, where the lovely V8 motor is kept on the bench, waiting to merge with the body of the F40.

In some parts, you can witness the car racing down the Italian countryside and hear the sweet soundtrack from the exhausts, replete with pops and crackles.

Watch this promotional video of the Ferrari F40 and discover the legend.


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