Video worth watching: Details of a MotoGP bike's braking system

Team OD Updated: October 28, 2016, 09:47 PM IST

There is no arguing about the fact that MotoGP machines are one of the most, or probably the most advanced motorcycles in the world. Aren't all of us in awe of these machines? While we are aware of the ridiculous speeds that these motorcycles achieve (crossing 350kmph at some circuits) what's also incredible is the way they shed speed.

Andrea Iannone (3)Carbon brake discs are used in dry race conditions

At the 2016 Japanese Grand Prix teams were mandated to fit the bikes with 340mm discs upfront (riders choose between the 320mm or 340 mm setup) as a safety measure. Why, you ask? Turn 11 is a 90 degree right-hander and the bikes need to decelerate from 310kmph to 82kmph within 245 metres. Yes, that's the braking power of a MotoGP machine. But what's so special about these brakes.

Andrea Iannone (5)Steel discs are used in the wet

The video explains the technical details of a current MotoGP machine's braking system. The example depicted here is of the Ducati Desmosedici GP 16 machine. It shows the different components in detail and explains their function.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below and discover the secret of braking in MotoGP


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