Video series worth watching: BMW International GS Trophy 2020

Rohit Paradkar Updated: April 10, 2020, 11:52 AM IST

The GS Trophy is a biennial motorcycle event, and as the name suggests, it is organised by BMW and revolves around its iconic adventure motorcycle line - the Gelände Sport, or GS. The GS Trophy has been in existence since 2008 and the 2020 edition of the GS Trophy was held in New Zealand. Contrary to popular belief, the GS Trophy isn't a race or rally from point A to point B, and is instead a team game that puts to test skills like on and off-road riding, physical abilities, mechanical knowledge and even the spirit of adventure in literal terms. BMW organises qualifiers for the GS Trophy is various countries and 2020 was the second year of participation for BMW India. Team India for 2020 comprised of Shakeel Basha, Rickiey Naik, Sathyananth Vasudevan and our friend from Bike Wale, Prateek Kunder. You can read more about the Indian qualifier rounds of the 2020 GS Trophy, here.

With the 2020 GS Trophy done and dusted, BMW has released a series of videos that highlight the various stages and the teams' journeys through all of it. All of it is centred around the BMW 850 GS and as a marketing idea, these GS Trophy videos hit the bullseye. But it is a pity that BMW won't release a more wholesome series of videos or a docu-series that documents the 2020 GS Trophy in greater detail. Nevertheless, these eight short videos are made of plenty of adventure and great visuals from the land down under, which makes you want to pick up your motorcycle and go adventure touring, at least.

2020 GS Trophy - Day One

2020 GS Trophy - Day Two

2020 GS Trophy - Day Three

2020 GS Trophy - Day Four

2020 GS Trophy - Day Five

2020 GS Trophy - Day Six

2020 GS Trophy - Day Seven

2020 GS Trophy - Day Eight


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