Total Engine Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Brand Feature Published: August 26, 2020, 03:16 PM IST

Our cars, bikes and other machines do more than just get us from point A to B. They transport our families, take us on holidays and even satisfy our longing for adventure as we go down the roads less travelled. In short, they make our lives smooth!

Yet, unless you work with vehicles or are a serious enthusiast, you probably don't know much about what's happening under the hood. And oil can be the most confusing part of all. Engine oil today is far more sophisticated yet delivers much more performance than ever before. And getting the right oil will prevent friction and help you keep that fantastic machine of yours running correctly for years and years.

TOTAL Engine OilPhoto by Caleb Whiting on Unsplash

What's so different about engine oil?

Engine oils, made from petroleum-based and non-petroleum-based compounds, lubricate the moving parts inside an engine, at high operating temperatures without breaking down. Though, this might be oversimplifying the role of engine oil in our lives.

Today, high-quality engine oils work to inhibit corrosion, reduce wear on moving parts, improve sealing, keep the internals of the engine clean and shift heat away from moving parts to keep the engine cool.

What kind of engine oil should you buy?

Depending on whether you have a diesel, petrol or even an electric vehicle, the kind of lubricant you will need can change significantly. Diesel engines run substantially hotter than petrol engines. Contrary to popular belief, even electric powertrains need fluid lubrication in their mechanical transmissions but with a much higher service interval. Further, some EVs also use the transmission lubricant as a coolant for the electric motor, battery and even power electronics, with very specific requirements from the lubricant, including its dielectric properties and dissipation abilities over and above its lubricating functions.

TOTAL has engineered the world's first EV fluid lubricant, the Quartz EV-Fluid, which offers top performance, lower chances of overheating and lowering of wear and tear. Standard fluids can't keep up with sophisticated electric powertrains, but Quartz EV-Fluid can, also improving performance and throttle response of EVs today.

TOTAL Engine OilPhoto by Carlos Freire on Unsplash

What do all those numbers mean?

Sure, you've seen 0W20/10W40/15W50 and more, but understanding what they mean is vital to extending the life of your engine. The number before "W" tells you the cold-start viscosity, at low temperatures. "W" stands for "Winter" and it's read in conjunction with the number before it. The number after "W" tells us the viscosity of the oil at 212 °F (100 °C).

Oil changes - Should you change viscosity?

Depending on where you live, changing the oil when the weather dips significantly or when it starts warming up again is as important as picking the right one. Using the recommended oil for your vehicle, while adapting the seasonal changes in the temperature, you can prevent premature wear and tear on your engine and dealing with dry starts or overheating.

The market is full of options, yet you will learn quickly that not all oils are created equal. Some regularly outperform the others across several parameters. To us, this is the mark of a great product, and there is none we'd trust our expensive machines with than TOTAL.

Why TOTAL Engine Oils?

Synonymous with technology and innovation, TOTAL is one of the largest manufacturers of quality lubricants in the world. With a long line-up of high-performance synthetic engine oils, transmission, and hydraulic oils, greases, and specialities, they have everything a consumer needs to protect their vehicle's engine and keep it going for a long, long time.

Leaders in the automotive sector worldwide, TOTAL consistently delivers top-notch performance aimed at better protecting engines and improving fuel efficiency. Their range of car engine oils - TOTAL QUARTZ have cutting edge Age Resistance Technology (ART) that keeps your engines cool and protects it from mechanical wear and corrosion. Add in the improved fuel efficiency, and you're looking at a smooth journey for miles and miles without burning a hole in your pocket.

TOTAL Engine OilPhoto by Andreas Dress on Unsplash

Yet the market has moved on from just petrol and diesel vehicles, and standard fluids can't keep up. Committed to delivering better efficiency to electric and hybrid vehicles, the revolutionary TOTAL QUARTZ EV FLUID improves both performance and throttle response while successfully dealing with overheating and lowering wear and tear.

When it comes to two-wheelers, TOTAL understands that motorcycles need a massive range of engine oils to fill different needs. With years of research, development and testing have resulted in the TOTAL HI-PERF range with Unique Pattern Molecules. Besides shielding the bike's engine from severe friction, they also work to combat damage from sudden braking and near-constant gear changes. This gives you an effortless ride quality, outstanding pick-up and 74% lesser wear and tear even in extreme conditions.

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Finally, you can focus on actually experiencing your ride rather than worrying about if your bike can handle it. With such a fantastic barrier between all your internal components, you know your engine is safe. How's that for the perfect travel buddy!

In addition to car and bike engine oils, TOTAL also has an extensive range that includes hydraulic engine oils, oils for trucks, buses and tractors and even lubricants for gears and transmissions.